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Friend of the Sherpas

Sir Edmund Hillary died. He, along with Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, is credited with being the first man to summit Everest. That, in and of itself, is remarkable.

But what is much more remarkable is how both men conducted themselves in the days, weeks, months, years, and decades that followed. You can see a little of what Hillary was about here.

4 Responses to Friend of the Sherpas

  1. alexg119

    Thanks for noting that Norgay was was along with him…Sherpas never seem to get the the credit they deserve in relation to everest.

  2. kali921

    I saw that and kind of stared at the wall for a while after reading a few of his obituaries.

    I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying this, but they just don’t make men like that anymore. Just like there aren’t any more Errol Flynns or William Holdens.

    RIP, Mr. Hillary. RIP. If there’s an afterlife, and he still has the thirst for great heights, I hope he finds himself confronted with a beautiful mountain range, a coil of rope, a bunch of equipment, some gourmet freeze dried meals, and goes to town.

  3. incogvito

    you know, I saw on Heidi’s blog a pic of Hillary, and didn’t know why she put it up under a picture of the new Indiana Jones poster. I missed the news this morning because the fiancee made me sleep in (because I’ve been short on sleep for the past few days). That’s a shame. He was on my short list of folks I wish I could meet (Neil Armstrong is on that list too…met a few of them already…just would like to meet A president).

  4. leborcham

    Norgay was quite a hero himself. I started to read a biography of him on a bus trip and someone stole the book on the way! I have always wanted to find it and finish it.

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