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Friday, already?

Well, making it C2E2 didn’t happen, and my sincere apologies to everyone attending who hoped to see me; I was looking forward to the show, but mass quantities of stomach bug had other ideas. There has been some talk of arranging a signing for the Batwoman: Elegy trade release in Chicago for early July; if it comes to pass, I hope to make up for my current absence then.

Feeling better today, at least, good enough to get back to work. And, as promised, here’s an image from the most current of the “new” projects, the design sheet for the book’s protagonist, as drawn by Mystery Artist. Figured we could have some fun with this, so:

The first person to correctly identify the artist of the piece wins a Stumptown t-shirt, as well as a signed copy of Stumptown issue 1!


On your marks…

…get set…


First design sheet

11 Responses to Friday, already?

  1. Kris

    Awesome. That you’re feeling better and the new project.

    Mystery artist: Rick Burchett. But I’m almost certain that I’m wrong.

  2. Jared

    huh i guess my timing is pretty good since no replies yet.


  3. greg


  4. Natalie

    I was going to gush to you about Stumptown at C2E2 but I can just as well type to you that I love it. I made sure to pick up a Stumptown t-shirt at the Oni booth.

    Thank you so much for bringing us such an awesome new series!

  5. Jared

    Ha nice work Kris! (great minds think alike and all that, huh?)

    Burchett is perfect for this IMO – glad he’s onboard!

    Hope you belly is feeling better Greg – that stuff is no fun!

  6. patrick foster

    Nice going, kris.

  7. Greg Rucka teases new project with Rich Burchett | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

    [...] Writer Greg Rucka, who recently moved on from DC Comics, yesterday teased a new project he's doing with Rich Burchett on his blog. [...]

  8. Evan

    Love the visual. So, this study makes the first character looks like he is on the frontier. Not, at least at first, a regular in the Continental Army, but perhaps in one of the state militias or other irregular fighting forces that fought the war. I believe you mentioned Pennsylvania, and of course, lots of Western Pennsylvania was pretty wild in the 1770s. They guys certainly does not look like he was hanging out much in Philadelphia, though he could clean up well enough and go into town. The head shot, as opposed to the full figure study, seems remaniscent of the Paul Revere painting for some reason, though not exactly the pose. But the study feels authentic in portraying that time period. I am excited to read and see what you two come up with. It will no doubt be amazing.

  9. Brian

    Greg, I’m going through links to some of my favorite comic book artist and writers. It’s been a while since I visited the site. Awesome. And thank you for Stumptown. As a guy who cannot get enough of the PI/hardboiled genre this is a must read title for me. Appreciate.

  10. Peter

    Hm. Philosophy question time: If you mention a secret project in an interview published on the Web, can it still be called in all seriousness a secret project?

    “American Soldier” sounds like an interesting project, and I wonder if the fictional family will be followed to the present day.

    One angle that I hope Greg will look at concerns perceptions of the American soldier. It’s fashionable in certain anti-war circles to only see American soldiers as instruments of American imperialism, human tools to protect the interests of the powerful elites. How much of this perception is truth and how much emotional projection? I’m interested to see what answer he comes up with.

  11. Nick

    I was disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to see you at C2E2. I was very interested to listen to some of your ideas about future projects from Oni Press and others. I also would have liked to talk to you about the Question co-feature. I was really enjoying it and will definitely miss it.

    As a history buff, the American Soldier idea seems great. I will be interested to see what happens with this series in the future.

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