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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that we’ve received from numerous people, and answers that we hope will provide information that visitors hope to find.

If there’s a question that you believe should be here, but is not, please email the webmaster, Eric Newsom.

General Questions

Q: How can get in touch with Greg?

A: You can e-converse with Greg on his ComicBloc forum, or in the comments section of his blog. If you’d like to interview him, or schedule an appearance or want to know about print/film/TV rights, see Greg’s list of contacts.

Q: How can I get Greg to sign my stuff?

A: Currently, the only way is to meet him at one of the many Cons or book signings he does each year. See this recent blog post for more on what Greg will sign (short version: “If I wrote it, I will sign it. Simple as that.”).

Questions about Submissions

Q: Do you take unsolicited submissions?

A: Sorry, no, I can’t, and for a variety of reasons—legal and personal, honestly. The legal problems surrounding me reading unpublished work at this point are hairy and big, and sadly, due to the litigious nature of our society, dangerous as well. Further, I don’t have the time.

Q: I have this great idea for a series/mini-series/novel that I’m sure you’d love to hear, how do I—?

A: You don’t. See the above. If you really want me to take a look at your work, your best bet is to self-publish and then hand me a copy when you see me at a con. That way your ass is covered, and so is mine.

Questions about Books

Q: Will there be any more books in the Atticus Kodiak series?

A: Possibly.

Q: Why the wait? How long does it take to write a novel?

A: I’m busy. If I can get one novel out a year, I’m doing well. Timing depends on the novel. The gestation period is anywhere from six months to three years, including plotting, research, and all the rest. The physical writing takes from four to twelve weeks, depending on my schedule.

Q: Will we see more of Bridgett/Erika/Dale/Corry/Alena (Drama)/Natalie/Moore anyone else I may have forgotten?

A: Quite possibly. None of the characters are locked away, and I have plans for all of them, at one point or another.

Q: Why can’t I find any of your novels in my bookstore?

A: Maybe they’re sold out? If you want copies, ask your bookseller to order them for you; all of my novels are in print in the US, only some in the UK and elsewhere.

Q: Will you write another Batman novel? Or a novel with any other DC character?

A: Probably not. Batman is owned by DC, and they have strict controls on the character. The No Man’s Land novel was a one-off, and though I’m very proud of it, I just don’t see either DC, Pocket Books, or myself ever doing something like it again.

Q: Will A Fistful of Rain be the first in a new series?

A: Possibly. I like the characters, and I have at least one other story about them to tell. We’ll have to see.

Q: Why does the cover of my copy of Critical Space have different cover art than the other hardcover copies I’ve seen?

A: If you’re referring to the “shadowy man with a gun” cover, versus the “shadowy figures with a subway train” cover, the answer is that these are actually two different versions. The “shadowy man with gun” cover is the large print edition of Critical Space.

Q: I’m interested in the rights to one of your books. Who do I contact?

A: I’m represented by David Hale Smith, of DHS Literary.

Questions about Comics

Q: Will there be more Queen & Country comics? Novels?

A: Comics – quite possibly, but it won’t be until late 2011. Novels – quite possibly, no idea when.

Q: Will you be doing more work at DC or Marvel?

A: Time will tell.

Q: How long to you intend to remain on Insert-Name-Of-Regular-Title-Here?

A: I can’t say. I believe very firmly in not over-staying a welcome; as long as I have stories to tell with the character in question, I’ll remain on the title in question. But the one thing I’ve always promised myself I wouldn’t do is stay on a title out of inertia.

Q: What happened to the series?

A: Top Cow.

Q: Is that an answer?

A: Yes.