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For Queen and Country

OK, this is awesome. Over at Mister 8, they’re doing a Battle of the Spies. Today it’s John Drake versus George Smiley. On May 13th? 007 himself versus our girl, Tara Chace.

You obviously know who I think you should all be voting for RIGHT NOW, yes?

Make with the clicky!! GO!!

8 Responses to For Queen and Country

  1. Jack Bauer v. The IMF | Mister 8

    [...] POTENTIAL MAJOR UPSET! After a personal plea via blog and Twitter from creator Greg Rucka, Tara Chace has managed to lap James Bond to the tune of 100 votes. Can Bond catch up in the final [...]

  2. Evan

    Tara is KOing 007 BIG time.

    But then, she should.

    I had a much harder time with John Drake and George Smiley. Ultimately, I reasoned that Drake would likely be the kind of person who worked for Smiley, and, when necessary, Smiley would be the kind of person who would regretfully send John Drake to the Village (or probably just having him regretfully shot on the wrong side of the Wall or what not) and that would be that. So, I joined the minority voting for Smiley.

  3. Greg

    I had a similar problem between Drake and Smiley; all the rest were pretty much no-brainers to me – and I stress, to me. But George versus John, that one I had to give considerable thought to. Ultimately, your argument was the one that swayed me, as well. ;)

    Hope you’re feeling better my friend, btw – we need to catch up and soon.

  4. Evan

    I’m on the mend. Will be even better when the next excerpt from “The Last Run” gets teased out.

    You, my friend, ROCK.

    Hope we can touch base soon.

  5. Jeff

    Will this be a round by round competition to the championship? Chace all the way.

  6. mark coale

    People need to go back today and vote for the IMF crew over jack bauer.

    Greatest TV show ever > right-wing parable

  7. Evan

    Looks like there is going to be a Tara Chace/Jason Bourne matchup is round two. If Chace does not take down Bourne, the world might as well come to an end.

    She kills people with rolled up papers much better than he does.

    Plus, she is ever so better written!

  8. Evan

    Obviously I don’t know how to read brackets, that’s why I don’t follow sports. Chace vs. the Avengers. Sorry Ms. Peel, have to give Tara the edge.

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