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Finder (1997)

Finder Cover

Finder Cover

The scene at Manhattan’s lower West Side clubs is rough trade, but no rougher than Atticus Kodiak has to be to keep it under control. No promises made, none needed in the raw and raunchy underground, the perfect place for him to avoid the guilty feelings over his best friend’s death. Until he sees Erika Wyatt, the teenage daughter of an Army colonel Atticus once guarded. Stalked by a cold-eyed commando fondling a wicked knife, Erika draws Atticus back into the protection business. In a case built on lies, vengeance, and sins of the past, Atticus learns that a promise can be the most dangerous weapon of all.

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Release information

Bantam US hardcover June 1997 055310098X
Bantam US paperback September 1998 0553574299
Recorded Books US audio (unabridged) December 1999 0788739948


The action is nonstop.
—The Boston Globe

Rucka makes superb use of crisp, understated prose, complex and enigmatic characters, highly charged emotions, breakneck pacing, and a brilliantly original, cleverly engineered plot. A powerhouse of a story that will leave readers gasping.

A memorable novel, dark as a moonless night.
—Mostly Murder

As grit-gray and compelling as life. A-plus.
—The Philadelphia Inquirer

Rucka blends Spillane’s ‘tough-guy’ private eye with Chandler’s noir insights and Hemingway’s spartan expression….Once you’ve picked up this book, chances are you’ll just keep going. And want more.
—Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon