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Fatigue and Hype (Not in that Order)

I finally, after several near-misses, got to meet with, and talk to, Blair Butler from G4′s Fresh Ink at the New York Comic Con back near the beginning of the month. This was a big deal for me, because I genuinely like what she does, and the way she does it (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s been very generous to my work on more than one occasion).

We ended up doing an interview at the DC Booth, in front of God and Fandom, and she rather generously let me go on…and on…and on…and on, and not once did she tell me to shut up.

Considering that I was, I think her last or second-to-last interview of the day, and it was Saturday, and I expect she’d spent the majority of the day doing interviews and smiling at fans, she was exceptionally cool. Had a great time talking with her, and hope the opportunity will present itself again.

Work continues. Getting the scripts for Action Comics slowly off the hot-list and into their proper place in the schedule. Robinson and I have broken down SWONK #3, and should have that script completed in the next couple days. New issue of TEC due to Siglain on Friday. New script for Thing I Can’t Talk About also due on Friday, but at least there’s an artist for the project, now, which is very good news, as he is an exceptionally talented artist, and one I’ve wanted to work with for quite a while, now. Plans to discuss new Q&C novel with my agent tomorrow in preparation for writing the new Q&C novel which must be delivered to Bantam by September 1st (watch this space for signs of my head exploding, or alternately, for prolonged silence indicating that I’m too busy writing to post anything), and, oh yeah, there’s all the other stuff people are waiting for.

The only viable solution I can conceive of at this point is to cut out sleeping all together.

I’ll get back to you on how that’s working out.

20 Responses to Fatigue and Hype (Not in that Order)

  1. sixteenbynine

    There’s something very cool about reading something written by someone you’re a fan of (i.e., you) and seeing them in turn be a fan of someone else (i.e., Blair).

    Good luck with the other stuff, as always.

  2. nealbailey

    Never underestimate the potential of an evil clone Rucka. Good for getting more sleep, and also a very easy target for internet troll wrath.

  3. lithera


    I’d offer to help but, really, there isn’t much I can help with other than cheering you on.

  4. captaintemerity

    I enjoy the G4 and all (more back when it was TechTV, to be honest), but I have to say, Blair is probably the person I most respect on the network. Her reviews always seem really heartfelt, not like she’s just giving lip service, and she comes across as a knowledgeable fan of the genre. Cool that you finally got to meet her.

  5. bluebeetlev3

    Good interview Greg. As fan of both your work and Grant Morrison’s I loved the little “peek behind the scenes” example you gave of working with him.

  6. jonlaw

    Yesn when do we get the congressional bail out on the sleep debt motgage crisis. I’ve been underwater on that one for a long time. I just hope you don’t get foreclosed because we do need you to keep writing.

  7. mattsnyder

    Hello Greg —

    As a point of reference, I’m barely a casual watcher of G4. But, I did happen to catch it one day where Blair Butler (whom I couldn’t name prior to your post here) raved about this new graphic novel collection called Queen & Country: The Definitive, vol. 1. A few weeks later, again by chance, I saw a copy at local comic store and bought it.

    I believe I now own everything ever written about Tara Chace, Paul Crocker, and the gang. I’m a fanatic at this point. I eagerly await the next novel.

    So, yes, she has been generous! Thanks to you both.

  8. admin

    How do you know I’m not the Evil Clone Rucka?

  9. admin

    Get to work on that, will ya?

  10. admin

    So, yes, she has been genersous! Thanks to you both!

    Apparently, so have you! Glad you’re aboard!

  11. jonlaw

    Apparently you have me confused with someone who actual does things in Washington. I am a mere bureaucrat.

    Of course, we may all be confused that anything gets done by anybody in Washington . . .

  12. abc_evie

    Not that I want you to explode or anything, but am extremely happy to hear that your deadline for the Q&C novel is so soon.

  13. aylara

    You DO have a goatee…

  14. supergodginrai

    Can’t wait for all that good stuff (all of it) to come out. :)

  15. nealbailey

    Pfft! That’s easy. No goateeeeee…… never mind!

  16. kiddofsteel

    How do we know that you’re not the evil clone? No bunnies and fluffy clouds in Final Crisis: Revelations. Bunnies and clouds are the true signs of malicious intent.

  17. jared465

    Nide, dude – good to see that the pipeline is full. Nowadays having way too much work on the plate is a lot better than not having enough…..

  18. crimespreejon

    Would a delivery of caffeinated products help production move in a more timely fashion?
    Maybe some Harley Davidson coffee?
    Drop me a line, we’ll send a care package to keep you awake.

  19. admin

    Hey man! How’re you doing?

    And caffeine ALWAYS helps!

    Give my love to your better half!

  20. matchesmalone

    Whenever I see Bantam…

    My mind transposes the n and the m… :)

    I tried cutting out sleep for a week. Check out for the result :)

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