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First event for The Last Run was tonight at Portland’s Murder by the Book, and it was delightful. Big thank yous to everyone who came out for the signing, and again to those of you who heeded my plea in the last post here and called the store to order your books. Books were signed, bookplates were included, and you did a good thing.

I will reiterate: if you’re looking to buy the book, and you’re looking for a signed and/or personalized copy, I urge you to contact any of the stores listed on the Appearances Page and order through them. I will gladly inscribe your book, personalize it as you wish, and will include a bookplate there and then.

Now, to a minor matter of protocol for those who are wondering.

Folks often ask if it’s appropriate to bring comics for me to sign at these events, and frequently, when they do bring them, they wonder how many is “too many.” This has come up before, but I realized tonight that I’ve never made my policy, so to speak, clear upon the matter. There is some confusion. It is understandable. Those who read my novels, those who read my comics, and those who read both, this is for you.

The answer is: if I wrote it, I will sign it. Simple as that. If you want to bring your entire run of 52 for me to sign, I will sign your entire run of 52. If there is a long line waiting for my signature, I may ask you to allow me to sign in batches. But if I wrote it, I will sign it.

And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to bring comics for me to sign, even if I am, ostensibly, promoting my newest novel.

You paid for the books, be they comics or novels. The very least I can do is put my signature to it at your request.

That is all.

9 Responses to Etiquette

  1. Roger Sidhom

    I want to thank Greg for his signing policy, when he came to melbourne I asked him to sign my 52 trades, he suggested that I bring my 52 issues of 52 and he signed every one!


  2. Thomas

    Mr. Rucka,

    If I could be at your signing, I’d be there in a heartbeat with a Q&C comic (and of course your latest novel), a Kodiak Novel (probably Walking Dead, as that’s my favourite), and a Batman book (No Man’s Land Novelization, of course). Alas, I’m in Vancouver, so that’s a no go.

    Nevertheless, it is awesome that you have such an open mind with regards to signing books. I was at a recent signing by a big name author who refused to sign anything unless it was his latest book. His prerogative, of course, but he was kind of an… A-hole about it.

    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  3. Joe H

    I feel bad that my copy was already on it’s way via UPS when you posted about the stores Greg. Sorry :(

  4. Joe G.

    At Wizard World a few years ago you signed my entire run of Gotham Central (well, the issues you wrote, anyway, and up to issue 35, I think it was, since that was the latest issue at the time), and it was the best thing ever. Thank you for being so gracious about signing your work.

  5. Jake Smith


    Thank you for your graciousness. You signed a book for me last night at Murder by the Book, and I’m looking forward to receiving it here in Madison, WI.

    I was also the guy who posted the “where do you get your news” question that John asked you on WB, but there was also a comment that I posted that I wanted to make sure you got.

    I just wanted to say that in addition to exciting and intelligent work, you always provide your audience with HONORABLE work.

    It’s one thing to be a great character writer, and it’s another to be a writer with great character. Thanks for being both.


    Jake Smith
    Twitter @D_Ops

  6. Phil Sandifer

    Having buttonholed Mr. Rucka at a con and gotten one of the most touching and charming inscriptions on a book I’ve ever had, I can basically vouch that Greg Rucka is chiseled out of pure class, is nice, gracious, and does not seem to have grown out of that phase of going “Wait, people have driven a non-trivial distance to see me because they liked something I wrote? That’s fantastic!”

  7. Shannon

    About halfway through _The Last Run_ and it’s another superb read: exciting and introspective at the same time. I’m now jazzed to go back and read all of the comics and the other two books sometime soon.

  8. Frank


    This is helpful. I have your entire literary anthology, and it is not improbable that I may ask you to sign the whole thing. This would require you to leave the coasts, however.

  9. Blarg Margle

    You’re a class act, Rucka.

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