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Ninth Art: Conduct Unbecoming by Greg Rucka


Newsarama: Developing BATWOMAN’s Journey W/ Greg Rucka (October 2009)

Artist Direct: Interview with Whiteout Creator Greg Rucka (September 2009)

Parallel Universe: ‘Whiteout’ (September 2009) Greg Rucka Talks “Whiteout” and the Wonders of Kate Beckinsale! (August 2009)

IGN: Whiteout Set Visit (August 2009)

IGN: Batwoman Takes Over Detective Comics (June 2009)

Newsarama: New Heroes, New Mission: Greg Rucka on Action Comics (April 2009)

Newsarama: The Ongoing Question: Greg Rucka on his Detective Co-Feature (April 2009)

Publishers Weekly: A Thriller With a Conscience: A Profile of Greg Rucka (March 2009)

Comic Book Resources: Greg Rucka: Man of “Action” (March 2009)

Comic Book Resources: Greg Rucka Talks Detective Comics (February 2009)

Comic Book Resources: Greg Rucka Talks Action Comics (January 2009)

Newsarama: Greg Rucka: Action with Nightwing & Flamebird (December 2008)

Newsarama: Resistance Leaders: Rucka, Trautmann on Final Crisis Special (October 2008)

Comic Book Resources: Rucka talks Gotham Central in “Batman: Gotham Knight” (July 2008)

Comic Book Resources: Rucka Reveals Final Crisis: Revelations (June 2008)

Superhero Hype: Greg Rucka on Batman Gotham Knight (May 2008)

Newsarama: Greg Rucka on Final Crisis: Revelation” (April 2008)

Newsarama: Greg Rucka Talks to Gary Phillips about “High Rollers” (April 2008)

Newsarama: Rucka & Brubaker Re-Team for Daredevil Arc (February 2008)

Las Vegas City Life: Greg Rucka talks about his “Women Warriors” (January 2008)

ComicBloc: Inside the Comic Writer’s Studio: Greg Rucka(November 2007)

Vic Conversation With Greg Rucka (October 2007)

Newsarama: Into the Crime Bible With Greg Rucka (August 2007)

comics2film: Ice Storm: Dominic Sena & Greg Rucka talk Whiteout (August 2007)

Newsarama: Geoff Johns Talks to Greg Rucka About the Crime Bible (October 2007) Greg talks to Glenn Miller re: Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow (July 2007)

Newsarama: The 52 Exit Interviews by Matt Brady (May 2007) Reflections: Talking “52″ with Greg Rucka by Robert Taylor (March 2007)

Newsarama: 52 Questions with Stephen Wacker and Greg Rucka (August 2006)

The Comic Wire: Catching Up with Greg Rucka (July 2006)

Newsarama: Greg Rucka on The Great Ten in Checkmate (June 2006)

Suicide Girls: Greg gets the SG treatment from Daniel Robert Epstein (May 2006)

The Comic Wire: Supergirl, Checkmate & Gotham Cops…Oh My! (February 2006)

Newsarama: Greg Rucka on the end of Gotham Central (November 2005)

Newsarama: Greg Rucka on Private Wars (November 2005)

Newsarama: Greg Rucka: Seeing in the Perfect Dark (November 2005)

Perfect Dark Zero: Microsoft Game Studios interviews Greg Rucka (November 2005)

Wizard World Boston: One-on-One, Dan DiDio & Greg Rucka (October 2005) Perfect Dark Reading, A Chat With Greg Rucka (September 2005)

Game Spy: Causing a Ruckas (X360), Paul Semel interviews Greg (September 2005)

The Slush Factory: Mike Sullivan interviews Greg (September 2005)

Wizard World Chicago: On The Floor with Greg Rucka (August 2005) Okay, You Get it Now, Boss? This is What Ya Gotta Do! Neal Bailey interviews Greg (April 2005) interviews Greg (October 2004) 521 sq.ft. w/o Furniture, Neal Bailey interviews Greg and Matthew Clark on the Upcoming Adventures Run (Among Other Amusing Things) (May 2004)

Silver Bullet Comics: Deconstructing Diana, Tim O’Shea interviews Greg

Silver Bullet Comics: Batticus Kodiak, Alan David Doane interviews Greg Sean Fahey interviews Greg (September 2004)

Ninth Art: Andrew Wheeler interviews Greg Part 1 (May 2003)

Ninth Art: Andrew Wheeler interviews Greg Part 2 (May 2003)

The Pulse: Spy Guy: Greg Rucka by J. Contino Part 1/3 (April 2003)

Sequential Tart: DragonCon 2003: Wonder Woman Panel Highlights Greg Rucka: Ladies’ Man by Ernie Estrella (June 2002)

Odessa Steps: Greg Finds Himself in Anywhere But No Man’s Land(Spring 2000); Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

Page One: Greg Rucka (1999)

Audio / Video Interviews

Electric Playground (September 2009)

Between the Panels: Issue 23 Greg Rucka Interview (September 2009)

CBR TV: Greg Rucka (August 2009)

Fresh Ink Online with Greg Rucka (July 2009)

CBR TV: Greg Rucka (March 2009)

G4: Fresh Ink: Greg Rucka Comic-Con ’09 Interview (February 2009)

Newsarama: Greg Rucka @ NYCC 2009 (February 2009)

Newsarama June 2008 Video: Interview recorded at Wizard World Chicago.

GameVideos, October 2007 Video: Graphic novel writer helps pen PSP game.

SpaceCast, April 2007 Audio: Greg Rucka chats about 52.

PressPassTV, February 2007 Video: Michael Artsis interviews Greg on just about everything.

Around Comics

September 2009 Audio: Ep. 251 – Greg Rucka is Snow Blind.

May 2008 Audio: Podcast interview recorded at Emerald City ComiCon.

August 2007 Audio: B.R. Salazar interviews Greg re: being Exec. Producer for Whiteout; Patriot Acts and the life of trained killers; integrating espionage into the DCU with Checkmate; the Question; Crime Bible; Queen and Country; PI series Stumptown and a love of gimmick-free detective stories; plus insight into Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow.

September 2006 Audio: Christopher Neseman interviews Greg Rucka in a lengthy two-part interview: Part I and Part II. Hang on ’til the end of Part II for a bonus interview with Chris “Skippy” Samnee.

June 2009 Audio: The Rucka Debrief

July 2008 Audio: Batman Gotham Knight’s Creators

May 2007 Audio John Siuntres and The Rucka Debrief III with discussion of pop culture, Superman/Batman, Tara Chase, Sasha Bordeaux and Renee Montoya.

April 2007 Audio: John Siuntres and The Rucka Debrief II with more about 52, The Question, Whiteout film news, death in today’s comics, and what ahout a new Lois Lane book?

May 2006 Audio: John Siuntres and The Rucka Debriefing where they talk about working in the 52 team, Checkmate and Q&C.

November 2005 Audio: John Siuntres interviews Greg in a 45-minute discussion covering just about everything.

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Live from Comic-Con Int’l San Diego 2005

Exclusive audio and video footage from the Crisis Counseling Panel, featuring DC’s own Dan DiDio, Bob Wayne, and Stephen Wacker, plus Infinite Crisis’ Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka:



Wizard World Chicago 2005

Horcast #15 & Horcast #14.
Other Horcast podcasts can be found here.