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Emerald City 2

Which is to say that today is the second day of the Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle. I’m looking forward to it. Day One was excellent — lots of very cheerful, very friendly fans, and the pleasant addition of a handful of my peers who I truly enjoy spending time with. Highlights included speaking with a serviceman who had only just returned from Afghanistan. He was attending the show with his wife; they told Jen that they’d been married for five years, and of those five, yesterday was only the second of their anniversaries that they’d been able to spend together.

I cannot imagine how much that would suck. It’s the kind of sacrifice that you hear about in public interest stories on the local news and radio, and that you go, awww, that sucks. But when you face it, and you see her face, and how happy and relieved and genuinely joyful she is to have her husband back, and the cheer and strength she obviously exhibited in their being separated…it really does reinforce the kind of sacrifices we ask our service men and women to make.

Other coolness included meeting Michele Carter and her husband Bill Slavicsek from Wizards of the Coast. We didn’t get to speak for very long, but it was a treat; frankly, it was my chance to geek-out a bit, if nothing else.

(I just remembered that Michele is probably one of six people who actually reads this, so, HI!)

Only downside is that it’s getting somewhat annoying for me to have to repeat the same, “I can’t say, there are projects in the works, none have been announced yet” line to fans who ask me what I’m doing next, now that 52 is finished. I’m in the midst of a wordballoon interview with John Siuntres at the moment (well, not literally at the moment) and I let slip some of the upcoming projects in that, but the big one still is embargoed, and frankly, it’s starting to get a little frustrating.

Got to see Darick Robertson at the show, too, and for the record, he ranks as one of the nicest pros in the industry. Unsolicited, he dropped off art for Mark Waid and myself from Weeks 42 and 48 (and considering that Week 48 doesn’t come out until Wednesday, that’s a treat indeed). I’m very much hoping he and I will get a chance to work together again soon.

On the road until Tuesday late, back home Wednesday, and back to work. Work is becoming more and more of a joy, at long last — finally knocked off one of the scripts that had been hanging over my head, am working on a second, and spoke to Kate last week about the next novel. Think I’ve got the broad strokes of the plot nailed down. My friend and ace research resource Jerry and I should start on the actual groundwork for it soon. And finally, at long last, Patriot Acts is to bed. Looks like it’ll be on shelves in early September.

5 Responses to Emerald City 2

  1. bustedacres

    Hi Greg–it was a pleasure meeting you again in Seattle this weekend (I’m the guy who gave you that little SOLAR SISTER book). I did talk to Randy at Oni at your suggestion, and he sounded interested, so thanks for that direction.

    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the convention, and I look forward to talking with you again sometime.

    Matt Southworth

  2. alexg119

    From the east side…

    Heh heh… yes, although I have Luddite tendencies, I’ve joined the blogosphere. Make this 7 people that read this blog now!

    Looking forward to Patriot Acts!!

  3. admin

    Matt, ’twas a pleasure to meet you. Glad that your conversation with Randy was a productive one!

  4. admin

    Re: From the east side…

    Hey, man! Pleasant surprise seeing you here…I won’t even ask how you found the blog, but I’m glad that you did!

  5. alexg119

    Re: From the east side…

    Yeah man…btw–been reading the Checkmate trade. Wasn’t back into comics when those issues came out. Holy smokes I’m enjoying it. Checkmate is getting a lot of love in podcast-land right now too…

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