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Dude, his Achilles tendon rolled up like window shade!

This is a nerdgasm post, be warned.

When asked at a convention, regarding Checkmate, if Brock Samson was a Rook, my response was that Brock Samson was ALL the Rooks.

The Venture Brothers are returning, and it’s been too long a wait for me. James Lucas pointed me to AstroBase Go!

There are t-shirts!

10 Responses to Dude, his Achilles tendon rolled up like window shade!

  1. lithera


    Thanks for the tip.

  2. technoir

    “The Monarch: But see, that’s what I’m talking about! Now Venture’ll send Sampson after the rest of us, and he’ll go totally sickhouse on our asses. I LIKE my ass, gentlemen.”

    That about sums up my notion of Brock Samson as a Rook.

  3. lurkerwithout

    You should TOTALLY get them to have you write a Brock Sampson Christmas Special…

  4. mercuryeric

    Brock Samson scares the Rooks until they cry.

  5. admin

    That was my alternate choice for the entry title.

    Either that, or the Swedish Murder Machine.

  6. nealbailey

    Kristen and I, when we get into the car, sometimes do Mars a capella.

    That’s… that’s just sad.

  7. dculver

    I met her on the livejournal… that’s right, I’m blogging.

    I love that show.

    we’ve been rewatching season one in anticipation.

  8. dedagda

    Having actually popped my achilles tendon the day before CAPE

    Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! monster trucks! New Venture Brothers!

    I’m still debating shirt club though. I’ve already got the whole jeans and a super-hero shirt thing going at work 365 days a year.

  9. enewsom

    If only Cartoon Network showed Venture Bros. (or the Boondocks or Home Movies even) with the same frequency that they showed Family Guy, I’d be happy.

  10. the_fallen_

    Venture brothers is just so awesome. They’ve made fun of everything but really created their own unique universe with awesome characters.

    Obviously the monarch, brock and orpheus being the best out of that list.

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