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Don’t Jinx It!

The total metric tonnage of suck this year has been awe-inspiring, in the way that Hurricane Katrina was awe-inspiring, and not in the way that, say, Chow Yun-Fat is awe-inspiring. Friends, relatives, colleagues, everyone’s been caught in the septic spray.

I just got some very good news. I cannot give details about it as yet, but I just got some very good news.

I am hopeful that this bodes well for the future. Not just for myself, but for those I care for and those I love. I am even willing to risk sidelong glances at optimism.

32 Responses to Don’t Jinx It!

  1. hawkfist

    While having no particulars, I hope that you have underestimated the Good News, and that it is a full four-fold better than you anticipate.

  2. manos99

    Maybe your fate is tied in with Chow Yun-Fat? He stars in The Killer, Hard Boiled, A Better Tomorrow and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and things go badly for you.

    He stars in the Dragonball Z movie.. and things start to turn around.

    Worth thinking about.

  3. aylara

    Cryptic cheer. I like it.

  4. benchilada

    I hate this year more than I’ve ever hated any other year.

    c.f. topical icon

  5. anw

    If your good news involves you moving to the UK, I will be indignant.

  6. crisper

    Until Obama is actually being sworn in, I am staying away from Real Optimism.

  7. captain_slinky

    Good news? Did you save a lot of money on your insurance by switching to Geico?

    (Ah, the classics…)

  8. jeditigger

    If you smell something fishy around here, Greg, it’s because we’re waiting with bated breath.

    Har har.

  9. michael_b_lee

    I’ll cross my fingers and hope the old Karmic pendulum is swinging back in your favor.

    Congrats on the very good news! I hope it’s just the first of many.

  10. incogvito

    send the good vibes this way. As you know, my year has been quite the not so much up/tons of down.

  11. admin

    …or not….


  12. admin

    Best kind!

  13. admin

    2008 has, to put it mildly, sucked.

  14. admin

    I’m inclined to say it does, just to watch your head pop off as you scurry about, packing for your departure.

    Alas, no such luck – we’re here for, at least, another ten days.

  15. admin


  16. admin

    You shall be pun-ished.

  17. admin

    Constant and always, man.

  18. jeditigger


  19. anw

    Ten days? Ten days isn’t much of a guarantee!

    Mind you, after years of threatening to move out of Bush’s America, you’re hardly going to quit the country now, are you?

  20. dewline

    May you find that you’ve underestimated the magnitude and scope of the good news in question.

    By a factor of 1,000.


  21. jonlaw

    Greatly gladdened to hear of good news.

    No comment on the year so far, but do feel good for the year to come.

    Hope to lear the source of cautious cryptic optimism. Hope to learn source someday.

  22. nealbailey

    My guess: A plumber for the shit spray and that solid gold toilet we all seem to crave…

    But either way, congratulations, particularly if it makes you happy, which you deserve.

  23. odessasteps

    Maybe Chow is going to run Ninja Warrior.

  24. stealthbunny

    Oooo, I can live vicariously through someone else’s good news! Might we know approximately when we might know? (I am REALLY glad I could type that last bit and not say it…)

    How’s the rest of all of you, by the way — has the plague lifted?

  25. stealthbunny

    Nevermind… I am reading backwards today (I’ve read waaay too many Japanese comics) and just got to your other plague-related entry…

  26. richardhowe

    Glad somebody’s got some good news. This has been the latest in a series of crap years (collect ‘em all).

    I’m excited to hear what it is.

  27. fluidbeauty

    this has been a very tough year for me, but my luck seems to be changing. I hope that’s true for you as well.

    here’s to you getting your good news, i wish you the best.

    and i wish everyone the best in 8 days, hoping Barak can turn all our luck around.

  28. tsob

    Um. Yay?

  29. atticreviews

    Man, I always SAY next year is going to be better. Hopefully your’s actually will be.

    Good luck! Or semi-secret-congratulations! Which ever fits.

  30. midusunknown

    Here’s to good news comin down the tube through your LJ!

  31. kozemp

    I know! I know!

    The Rockettes finally watched your audition tape and you’re going to dance at Radio City?

    That’s what it is, isn’t it? Come on, admit it.

  32. lithera

    Good to hear!

    There needs to be more good news out there.

    I’m going to be a wreck for the next week.

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