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Developments and, uh…Complications

Back home after Calgary. Very nice show. Figured out how to solve a problem I was having with the new novel, and in the process discovered a new character who I quite like. Not sure how she’ll play out, but she’s fun to write, and she’s keeping Atticus on his toes.

The Russia/Georgia thing is continuing to get virtual ink. kali921, thoughts?

And then there’s the big event this weekend, what Gabo herself calls “the happiest day of the year”, Free Comic Book Day. Bride, myself, and the children will be at Gabi’s Olympic Cards and Comics from noon until…until rather late, I expect. Dashiell and Elliot are both intending to come in costume. I may post pictures. I may not. I may dare to eat a peach.

16 Responses to Developments and, uh…Complications

  1. lithera

    Free Comic Book Day! Woooo!

    Followed by ECCC volunteer preparation day and then ECCC itself. Man, that’s soon.

  2. futuredirt

    Yay, ECCC!! I won’t be able to make the trek to OCC this weekend, but I will definitely be at the ‘Con.

    Seriously, when did it sneak up on us?

  3. lithera

    This whole year has just gone by in a flash.

    I’m looking forward to it, though!

  4. kali921

    My cogent and extremely serious analysis.

    Please post pictures! Please?

    I promise to give more cogent and serious commentary later on the Georgian/Abkhazia/Russia Axis of Skirmish, because I’ve been wading through the OSINT groups, news groups, and news sites for the past two days. Right now it’s sort of:

    RUSSIA: Hey, Sakartvelo! Hope you don’t mind, but we’d like to flex our colonial imperative again. Just a smidge, for old times sake. What do you say? Border skirmish on May 2nd at 06:00, safe collaborative competition from a position of mutual strength, etc.?

    GEORGIA: Yeah, you remember how well that whole Pan-Slavism thing worked out, right?

    ARMENIA: Oh, for fuck’s sake, will you two get a room already?

    PUTIN: Wait a second! How many bottles of Tamada Kindzmarauli do I have left?

    SAAKASHVILI: *waves roses*

    ABKHAZIA: I’m standing RIGHT HERE. You realize that, right?

    WORLD PRESS: Oh, shiny! *entranced*

    SERBS IN KOSOVO: Hey, thanks, guys! Now that the heat’s off, let’s get this party started!

    ALBANIANS IN KOSOVO: Bring it, bitches.


    ARMENIA: Well, this is embarrassing.

    UKRAINE: Tell me about it. I have to share a border with one of these jerks.

    GORBACHEV, SOMEWHERE IN MOSCOW: …You’re ALL assholes, you know that?

  5. futuredirt


    btw.. If you are partaking of FCBD, you should definitely stop by the Comics Dungeon. They’ve got a huge sale going on as well. Free and cheap comics FTW!

  6. lithera

    I’ll see what the day has to offer me after I stop at Golden Age for my comics. Thanks for the tip!

  7. enewsom

    …In the room, the women come and go, speaking of the Ninja Turtle Michaelangelo. “Cowabunga, Dude!”

  8. dannyperkins

    Kieran and I will most certainly be attending FCB ourselves.

    And if Elliot and Dash (You must call her that right? Its just too perfect) got all costumed up I’m begging you to post pictures! Its very cool that they are into it. My dad’s a dentist and let me tell you, at 7 I was so NOT INTO IT! :)

    Speaking of novel characters, have you had the usual eBay auction yet? I haven’t seen anything about it and of course I’d like to bid.

  9. admin

    Re: My cogent and extremely serious analysis.


    Now, could you please decode the current market inflation of oil?

  10. admin

    Fine, I won’t eat a peach.

  11. admin

    I may do. Dash is already set for costume. Elliot will be working on his for the next two days or so.

  12. gabbicus


    WOOOOOOOT! or as amelia says “wooty-woot”.

    VERY VERY much looking forward to it. The new shop is so set to have all her new guests!! :)

    Brandon, Jess, and Orion will be there as well!

  13. kali921

    Oil, you say?


    ALL ARAB OIL PRODUCING COUNTRIES EXCEPT FOR DUBAI: Hmm. Does the world have any 8-Star hotels?

    DUBAI: 7-Star and holding, biznatches! *smug*


    ALL ARAB OIL PRODUCING COUNTRIES EXCEPT FOR DUBAI: Well, this won’t do. *raises price to $125 per barrel*


    PETROBAS: !!!




    KAZAKHSTAN: *sigh*


    RUSSIA: Hey, what’s Georgia doing this weekend?

  14. admin

    Re: Oil, you say?


    As it is, I’m currently writing “in Dubai” so to speak, and the 7 stars are entertaining, what with the toilets backing up inside, etc, etc. Though I hear the service is excellent.

    Have to say, when I read this, I could only imagine Russia as a 40-something Putin in black leather jacket and wraparound sunglasses with a zucchini in his, uh…pocket.

  15. dewline

    Speaking of the BBC News

    Can someone tell me what the Hell is up with their vertical page-scroll formatting these days?

  16. kali921

    Re: Oil, you say?

    Have to say, when I read this, I could only imagine Russia as a 40-something Putin in black leather jacket and wraparound sunglasses with a zucchini in his, uh…pocket.

    I know. As a general fan of the Russians and their stoic ability to withstand the kind of hardship that would break the spines of most of the rest of humanity, I kind of miss the days when “Russia” could be synonymous with Пётр Великий or the very mercurial Khrushchev, who would not hesitate to mete out a beatdown with a loafer. (I’m reading Khrushchev’s memoirs again. If you take the long view, Nikita was rather awesome.)

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