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Denny. Is. Writing. Batman.

I cannot wait to read this.


24 Responses to Denny. Is. Writing. Batman.

  1. devilman145

    While everyone is excited Neil Gaiman’s 2 parter (including me), I’m more excited over Denny’s story. If the rumours of putting Batman and Detective on hiatus are true, this is a way to go out.

  2. edkaye

    WOW! That’s all I have to say!

  3. lithera


    Lots of interesting things for Batman.

  4. bluebeetlev3

    Oh wow, I hadn’t realized how long it had been since he actually WROTE Batman.

  5. sd6

    Yeah, it’s bound to be solid gold.

    How are you feeling, sir?

  6. admin

    I am almost healthy, thanks.

    How’s the weather on your end?

  7. jviolette73

    There’s only one other guy who defines Batman (and all other comics, really) as much as Dennis O’Neill to me, and St. Archie is gone.

    I just had a mental orgasm involving Archie Goodwin editing/overseeing a comics adaptation of the Atticus novels. With Tony Harris art, inked by Al Williamson. Maybe some script work by O’Neill.

    And now I need some quiet time.

  8. sd6

    You know me…partly *shrug* with a chance of *headdesk*…;p

  9. dewline

    Or at the very least, Gotham herself.

    I’ve been more partial to the city herself, I think, for quite some time.

  10. technoir

    Wow. They are bringing out the big guns. I will of course read it.

  11. thatnickguy

    I’m stoked. O’Neil wrote some of the most definitive Batman stories out there. Heck, he co-introduced (along with Neal Adams) the most memorable Batman villain, Ra’s Al Ghul, since probably the Joker.

    Like everyone else, I was excited to hear Neil Gaiman upcoming story, but I’m equally excited for O’Neil’s. I’m allowed to be excited for both, aren’t I? :)

  12. batman1013

    New Denny Batman is like manna from heaven. On’Neil and Gaiman doing back-to-back Batman arcs makes me think that the comic gods are smiling down on us Batman fans.

  13. dextradawn

    That gave me goosebumps just from your title. :D

  14. lithera


    Oh man. That just summed up all of last week perfectly.

    Thank you.

  15. dewline

    I can’t see why you shouldn’t.

  16. pjperez

    Yeah, I saw that. Looks like I’ll be keeping “Batman” on my pull list for a little while longer.

    I cannot believe O’Neil is already almost 70. Mind-blowing.

  17. parakkum

    Inasmuch as I was four when the last O’Neill Batman story came out, where should I be looking to read and understand why this is so exciting (although I can already see a hint of that, if he’s responsible for Ra’s Al Ghul)?

  18. the_fallen_

    Definitely more excited about denny then neil. I really can’t wait to read it.

  19. mercuryeric


    Very good news; thank you!


  20. kozemp

    No offense to you, sir, but there is really no one who gets Batman as right as Denny O’Neil. Anywhere, ever, to the ends of the earth, amen.

    I’m definitely very interested in the Gaiman thing, but this… oh, this is gold.

  21. kozemp

    It is interesting to note that while they were not technically issues of Batman or ‘Tec Denny wrote two issues of the end of the hideous Knightfall storyline (including the final issue) that were SO MUCH BETTER than the others it practically defies belief.

    I was 16 or 17 when they came out and it was one of the first things that made me realize that even in the stratification of good writers and bad, some are just good and some are really, REALLY good.

  22. supergodginrai

    awesome. just plain awesome.

  23. zachary_cole

    I suggest reading the “Batman: Knightfall” book adaptation he penned. No, it isn’t a comic, but still a damn good story.

    And if you can bear reading a book that also has a dash of Bat, I’d also point you towards his book HELLTOWN. Pulpy detective goodness.

  24. odessasteps

    great news.

    I have to admit to being a little underwhelmed by the JLA story he did a few years ago, but, it’s Batman by Denny, so all aboard.

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