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Con from a distance

Which may become my preferred method of attendence, actually. Been watching the news trickle in over the weekend from both Heroes and Wiz-Philly, and I’m struck by…the absolute lack of anything newsworthy.

We’re such a precious little industry, aren’t we? “Wait for San Diego!” “Wait for Chicago!” That’s when we’ll announce the “good” stuff. For now, we’re just biding time.

I mean, think about it. What’s the biggest piece of comics news you can think of? What’s the most amazing, earth-shattering thing DC or Marvel could announce?

Yeah…I’ve got nothing.

This is not to say that conventions don’t serve a purpose, and a damn good one. But it is to say that I think conventions don’t serve the purpose that the publishers want them to.

Conventions serve to let fans gather together, share their passion, and maybe meet some of the creators they like (or don’t like, for that matter). It’s a safe-haven for comic geekdom. It’s Nerdi-Gras (as JLJ over at Oni calls San Diego). And that’s good, and I have no problem with that. In point of fact, I enjoy that particular part of my job quite a lot. Interweb aside, most creators (myself included), don’t get much opportunity to interact with the fan-base. And the Interweb can be very deceiving, as it lends loud voice to only a few, and thus deceives us with decibels, convincing us that noise equates to mandate.

I’m just musing, you understand.

On the home front, I’ve recovered from various ailments aquired in Montreal, and have begun to dig out of backlog that amassed whilst (heh, I used “whilst”) I was away. Sent off the first script of the Crime Bible mini-series last week (for the record, the mini is called the Crime Bible: The Five Books of Blood). Issue 1 is called “The Lesson of Deceit.”

Starting the second issue this week — “The Lesson of Lust” –after Checkmate 18 goes in (called “Fall of the Wall, Part I”).

As you were.

17 Responses to Con from a distance

  1. morchades

    I mean, think about it. What’s the biggest piece of comics news you can think of? What’s the most amazing, earth-shattering thing DC or Marvel could announce?

    Hmm… “We’re ending all of our superhero comics, and exclusively writing illustrated technical manuals for the US military from now on.”

  2. anw

    I’ve largely decided I’m not going to bother with San Diego this year. Too hectic, too expensive, and my ‘passion’ is still at a pretty low ebb – and I think I spend altogether too much time in the US.

    I adore Montreal. I hope you didn’t spend the whole time there trapped on film sets and in hotel rooms.

  3. kozemp

    If someone would bother SHOWING UP at Wizard world Philly…


  4. incogvito

    We share an editor in common and he told me that he read something by you that was, quote, “The best thing I’ve ever read.” He didn’t tell me what book it was, so, lucky me, I have to read everything you write over the next few months.

    there’s something there, I’d like to guess

  5. dannyperkins


    hah! Good one.

    Or you could go with geekapalooza.

    Depending on your mood of course.

  6. mercuryeric

    This is not to say that conventions don’t serve a purpose, and a damn good one. But it is to say that I think conventions don’t serve the purpose that the publishers want them to.

    It bugs me that San Diego and the rest have become glorified trade shows — much like E3, and we saw how that ended. I mean, try to FIND a good, cheap comic at San Diego. Good luck.

    It’s become much less about genuine interaction with fans, and more about buzz and publicity generation, and generally in the most hollow, vapid way.

    The only booth / display / sales area I enjoy at San Diego (aside from cruising artists’ alley for original pages) is the DC booth, which seems to encourage fan interaction with creators.

  7. admin

    They wouldn’t announce that at a con. That would be a press-release in The Wall Street Journal ;) .

  8. admin

    This makes me quite sad, actually, as I’d been very much looking forward to seeing you and catching up (this year has been horrible for long-distance correspondence; I think my ratio of personal-to-business emails is something like 1:250, and that may be only a minor exaggeration). The whole clan will be in attendance, this year, and I know Jen was hoping to see you, too.

    I saw Montreal for an afternoon. That was it. Otherwise, I saw the inside of my hotel room (it was a nice hotel room, at least), the inside of the production offices, and the inside of several sound stages. Returning to Montreal without work to get in the way is certainly in order.

    I don’t know if my desire to see you sways your decision about SD at all, but if you’re not there, you will most assuredly be missed.

  9. admin

    Hey, they could always invite me, y’know.

    One day, I promise, I will return to Philly as the cherry blossoms do to the shores of the Potomac.

  10. admin

    Absolutely. This is why I’ve come to prefer shows like Heroes and Wonder Con more than the “big” ones.

    Still…San Diego does maintain its connection to comics, and for many, it’s their only convention opportunity. I just wish it wasn’t such a fucking zoo from start to finish. Used to be that Saturday was Hell; now it’s ALL like that, including the preview night.

  11. admin

    Re: Nerdi-Gras

    Mister Perkins! Check your email, sir!

  12. mercuryeric

    I actually much preferred WonderCon; smaller, quieter, still filled with good guests, and not so much with the movie / videogame / not-comics media-tie in stuff.

    I might make that a regular stop, if I can swing it.

    Plus, San Francisco. That’s always a nice town to visit.

    (Good morning!)

  13. kozemp

    Much like when I am told “a new issue of the Ultimates is coming out this week,” I will believe it when it is IN MY HAND, sir. The great irony being, of course, that I don’t actually read the Ultimates in monthlies, only the collected editions. How do you like them apples.

    DC always throws a nice do at WW Philly. I love the fact that the editors/staff/et al basically all just hang around their booth and talk to fans all day – Marvel’s presence the last couple years has been very disappointing inasmuch as the only way you even see the folks there is either on a panel or after waiting literally HOURS in a line. Much as I like Bendis, I have a bunch of other people I want to meet at the show and a bad back to boot.

    Still, I want my Checkmate/Superman/WW/Whiteout/QC/Wolverine trades autographed, dammit!


  14. dannyperkins

    Well the most enjoyable show I’ve been to was WW Boston. But that was because it was so slow that you could actually move.

    NYCC year 1 was a nightmare. Year 2 was passable at best.

    I see both of your points (Eric and Greg) and agree that the shows have gotten away from their original intent. Having Chicago and SD get so much attention hurts 2 causes. 1 it hurts those shows by making them more about publicity and 2 it hurts every other show by marginalizing them.

  15. sinspired

    I suppose if I could come up with the biggest piece of comic news I could think of, I could be doing something like the job you have…

    I can’t wait…
    Can I have more Kate and Montoya?

    Please tell me I get more Kate and Montoya…

  16. dannyperkins

    I got one more.

    how about Dorkstock?


  17. lithera

    Re: Nerdi-Gras

    I am fond of Nerd Prom.

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