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Clawing Back to the Land of the Living

The long silence here has been due to unforeseen nightmare circumstances on the homefront.

This week is going to be different. This week will see writing done, and life return to normal, or at least will see life return to whatever passes for normal around these parts, and writing will get done. But with the exception of the OCC Grand Opening (and hey, mercuryeric, you might want to see about updating the website), it’s been pretty unrelentingly fuckawful around here. The mere fact that anything was written surprises me, frankly.

It may be going around, actually. I’ve a number of friends and acquaintances who seem to be in Dark Days right now, and they know who they are. Maybe it’s something in the air.

I’ve begun researching a new project, and in so doing, have been burning my way through David McCullough‘s books, specifically 1776 – which I finished some two-weeks back and then promptly went out and bought the illustrated edition, which is deliciously chock full of extra goodness – and John Adams. The Adams biography is a stunning work, in my opinion, not the least for the attention McCullough pays to Abigail. In my darker fugues, I have to confess that reading the book puts me in mind of the Tom Lehrer quote about Mozart, or, alternately, the the line from Hannah and her Sisters about how Jesus would react if he came back today, with appropriate substitution of “the Founding Fathers” for Jesus.

It’s a nice coincidence that HBO’s going to start running this in another week or so.

Time to go and break-down DD 108 with Ed. Michael’s pages for 107 look amazing, of course. Can’t wait to see them with Stefano’s inks and Hollingsworth’s colors.

Edited: Linked the wrong trailer below the cut!

15 Responses to Clawing Back to the Land of the Living

  1. lithera

    I have, in all seriousness, asked The Powers That Be to cut it the hell out now. The start of this year has been so awful for most people I know. I’d ask for a restart to the year but I don’t know if I could handle it if nothing changed going through it a second time.

    Here’s hoping it gets better for everyone.

  2. parakkum

    I suspect if the Founding Fathers saw my neighborhood, they’ve wonder where the hell all these Asians came from.

    But then, they’d probably be a little shocked to find California as part of the States, so there you go.

    More seriously, I imagine they’d be surprised at how many Americans treat the Constitution as holy writ, and them as near-saintly figures. It was a compromise written on a deadline by a committee, with editability as an inherent feature. I can’t imagine they expect people to be trying to decide their intent in writing it two hundred years later.

  3. jennawaterford

    John Adams is my favorite Founding Father. I can’t wait to see this miniseries.

  4. birdseyeview

    I’ve just begun John Adams. I’m not even a chapter in but I’m really liking it so far.

  5. fordmadoxfraud

    The Adams bio rocks so hard.

  6. fordmadoxfraud

    Although if I had to rank him, I’d say he was my third fave FF, after His Excellency George Washington and the philosopher-king Jefferson.

  7. nealbailey

    I’ve picked up and put down 1776 about three times now.

    Did you ultimately enjoy it? I’d say “Did you find it useful?” but you obviously have yet to know that given the stage of the process.

    Many regards with the Dark Days of note. It has been a strange and awful march, coupled with wild and wonderful days. Gabby’s great success coupled with the trials of moving all the stuff.

    It is in the air. I see it. But grand, I also see it going away. Best on that.

  8. stealthbunny

    I was just thinking about you today, ’cause I finished Fistful of Rain this afternoon (nope, not up all night reading this time, nyah… but only because the Land of the Living and I aren’t on speaking terms either).

    It was good.

    It made me miss my guitar and want to pull it out and hold it for comfort.

    Which may not have been quite the effect you were going for… but it worked for me, and that’s about the best way I can ‘xplain it when I’m this fuzzy-braineded.

  9. jonlaw

    Hope the family is all well. It is exciting to hear about a historical project from you. I read John Adams five years ago when I was temporarily working in D.C. before I moved to the area permanently. Just an outstanding book. I listened to David McCullough read 1776 on the drive with my father across country with my family’s worldly belongings about two and half years ago. Another wonderful book. There are a lot of other great works out there, unfortunately mostly on my “to read” list. However, I can definitely recommend “His Excellency: George Washington” by Joseph Ellis, just a good short read that gives a great overview of Washington’s life and career. Looking forward to whatever this projecti is.

  10. odessasteps

    I saw the obit of this woman today in the NYT and I couldn’t help but think of Mlle. Marie.

  11. jared465


    You can add me to your list of people that have had rough going the last couple of weeks, dude. Its been brutal here. I’ll spare you the details, but like you said, maybe its something in the air.

    I saw you were playing Mass Effect…are you playing the new download? I was in the process of getting my characters to the ship so i can play it, but i got too tired cause i have a bad case of the flu (among the items of bad karma from the last coupla weeks) hopefully i’ll play more later

  12. admin

    That is an amazing obit. The real Mlle. Marie, it seems.

  13. admin

    Re: fuckawful…

    Hey, man! Hope you’re feeling better!

    I finally played the DLC, and liked it well-enough, though I think that, once more, Tycho pretty much hit it on the head, at least in regards to the DLC’s genesis — it certainly feels like it was a module omitted from the original game. Given that I had to start a new game to play it — didn’t have a save in the right place — bodes ill for future DLCs, but in this case I didn’t mind so much, as I’m being something of an achievement whore over the game.

    I liked it, as far as it goes — went with Paragon choices, which makes me wonder if Balak gets away anyway if you choose the Renegade option in the “final confrontation.” He better, because if he doesn’t, that pretty much means BioWare has no intention of using him in further DLC, I’d suspect. And someone needs to put that Batarian bastard down.

  14. jared465

    Re: fuckawful…

    Its funny, in the end went I the paragon route too. It makes me want to go back and go renegade all the way to see what happens. As far as the placement of the DLC, it makes me think that Bioware wants Mass Effect 2 to directly pick up after the events of Mass Effect – and if the DLC took place between the two games then it might dilute the impact the events at the end of ME might have on the sequel. I don’t know about you, but i was very surprised that the ending was not left open ended ala Oblivion.

    I did like how the DLC expanded the universe with finally seeing and hearing the Batarians. Hopefully upcoming expansions further expand the scope with new Aliens etc.

  15. jared465

    John Adams

    Also finally watched the 1st part of John Adams (had it saved on the DVR)

    I thought it was f—ing fantastic. Time permitting I’m going to catch up on the other two this week.

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