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Checkmate #25

I’m not a big fan of posting reviews of my work. Figure if I post the good ones, I should maybe give equal time to the bad ones, right?

Well, I’m breaking my rule. These two reviews, in particular, of mercuryeric‘s and my last issue of Checkmate, are ones I feel worth sharing. This first one, from IGN, and this one from Hannibal Tabu at CBR.

The ComicBloc chat tonight was terrific, and lasted four hours, with short breaks for Eric and myself. Something that Eric and I are hoping to do again when Final Crisis: Resist hits the stands.

15 Responses to Checkmate #25

  1. insektmute

    It took me a little while to warm up to Checkmate, but I have to admit, it shot up to being one of my favorites after I read the first trade. I blame Sasha for hooking me like a suckah.

  2. hdefined

    Hey Greg,

    I don’t know, I dropped Checkmate with issue #5 or #6, despite loving the stuff you did with GC and Detective, and Montoya’s role in 52. But then, I picked up the bulk of your Detective run after it was finished, and enjoyed it much more in one go, and that’s also how I approached the AK novels. Perhaps it’s time I did that for Checkmate . . . I don’t have any real affinity for the characters, though, so it was hard for me to get involved.

  3. jonlaw

    Good to leave making them and us all want more, but…I want more!

  4. adgy

    It’s going to be a rough week when an issue of Checkmate comes out and your name isn’t on the cover. I hope the new team is at least half as good as the old one.

  5. kali921

    Icon goodness!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on #25 tonight when I go to get my weekly haul. I’m sure I’ll be a smidge depressed afterwards that you and Trautmann are no longer on the book, but it’ll be SO worth it.

    As I said to Mr. Trautmann earlier today, of course it’s getting glowing reviews.

    Also, I don’t know if you can bear to look at Elektra these days without your heart breaking, but every now and then some wonderful person on LJ or GJ makes a batch of beautiful Elektra icons. Like the ones that were posted today. Just gorgeous!

  6. kali921



    …Sorry, just random drive by icon love. With an extra dose of Hide love, of course, coupled with X Japan nostalgia.

  7. hdefined

    Re: Hide!

    Dude, no need for the nostalgia – you know they’re back, right?

  8. odessasteps


    I don’t recall if you answered this when last issue came out, but the nerd in me wants to know…

    Is ROOK Cinnamon the same person that was in Jen’s mini-series?

  9. dewline

    The usual mixed blessing of a consequence, that is.

  10. dewline

    Re: Cinnamon?

    I believe it is indeed. Greg will correct me if I’m wrong.

  11. crisper

    Hey, this seems like a good place to say that CHECKMATE has pretty much been my favorite monthly, at least among superbooks, since it hit stands. There were a lot of things Jim Williams and I got told, ten years ago during CHASE, that we could never do, that the DCU would never do, that simply Would Not Happen (including a return of Checkmate under that name, which we attempted in 2000 and got shot down!) and it’s been really gratifying seeing you, Geoff, Grant, etc. gradually turn that wheel around so that now a book like CHECKMATE can do all the things, and more, that we never got to even attempt. The best books to read, IMHO, are the ones you feel like you’d have enjoyed writing yourself.

  12. admin

    OK, so, for the record…my jaw dropped when I read this and realized who it was from. Coming from you, sir, this is high praise indeed.

    Thank you for the kind words. And while I’m at it, thanks for the words you’ve shared (Chase and others).

    Very, very much appreciated.

  13. admin

    Re: Cinnamon?

    It is, indeed, the same Cinnamon as was in the El Ciclo mini.

  14. dewline

    *beams happily*

  15. mercuryeric

    Indeed. I really enjoyed CHASE, quite a lot, and that was probably my first conscious exposure to J.H. Williams’ work; stellar book. My thanks.

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