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Bang Bang Bang

Walking Dead hits bookstores this coming Tuesday, the 28th. It is, at least for the foreseeable future, the last Kodiak novel. The reviews, thus far, have been glowing, but by far the best props I’ve gotten were from Lee Child, who offered the following blurb upon reading an advance copy:

“One of the best entries in one of the best series by one of our best writers. Did I just say best three times? Better believe it. Rucka is one damn fine writer.”

Considering the source, I have to say, hell yeah, very proud of that indeed.

The Very Abbreviated Tour begins in May, confined, I am afraid, to the PNW (Portland, Beaverton, and Seattle), with stops in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Phoenix. You can find a list of the stores I’ll be visiting, along with the dates and times at my website. You can also find contact information for each of the locations.

If you’d like a signed or personalized copy of the new novel, and can’t make one of the signings (because, say, you live in Chicago), I’d urge you to contact any of the booksellers listed and order a copy either through their website or over the phone. Just let them know how you’d like the book made out, and please – I beg you! – make certain they have the proper spelling of your name! Nothing’s worse than making a book out to “John” only to find out he spells it “Jon.”

Seriously, nice way to waste a pretty hardcover.

Last note-slash-request for those of you planning on picking up the title: the first week of release is, these days, very much a make-or-break time for a book. If you are planning on buying a copy – and I sincerely hope you are! – placing your order before May 5th would be tremendously helpful in supporting my work.


Setec Astronomy

You remember that Batwoman design sheet I posted glimpses of way back when?

Well, the whole thing is up over at The Source.

And it’s a nice, big graphic, too, so you can pour over every detail.

Oh! And there’s the psychedelic cover to Detective Comics 855 up there, too!


So, Here’s a Question…

More from The Source.

Check out some Cully Hamner pages!

Action 876 Previewed

Again, from the brand-spankin’-new blog, The Source, courtesy of Alex Segura and DC Comics. Preview pages from Action Comics 876. Pages are out of order, but they’re still very pretty!

More more more!!!

Up at the DC Universe: The Source blog:

More Batwoman goodness!

And I got more Cully pages today! Suhweeeeeeeet.

So sweet, I’m gonna sneak you all a teensy, tiny, peek (shhh! Don’t tell ANYONE!!!)

It’s That Time Again

Heading off to Seattle tomorrow, in advance of the Emerald City Comic Con, where I will be signing and, presumably, rambling on in my traditional semi-congenial style. Jen and I will be sitting together, so those of you looking to talk about Black Lightning, now’s your chance! And, of course, I’ll be in the company of various other partners in crime, like Matthew Southworth, Eric Trautmann, and, of course, Mr. Brandon Jerwa.

Quite looking forward to this show, actually — it’s one of my favorites, if for no other reason than it feels like my “regional” show.

Hope to see you there!

Geek Happy! Geek Happy!

Mass Effect 2 teaser trailer!

(Yes, I know, you’ve all already seen it!)

But if you haven't, here it is!

Question Everything

Another cat escapes the bag, this in the form of Cully Hamner announcing that he’s exclusive to DC.

So now I can talk about the fact that Cully and I are doing the co-feature that will begin running in Detective Comics #854, the Batwoman debut issue, this June. Starting with four eight-page chapters, then expanding to ten-pages an issue, and he’s been drawing, and it look incredible, and no, I can’t share the pages with you.

But I can share his design work, which certainly gives a nice taste of what’s to come.

Check out some sweet Cully Hamner work!

Batwoman Preview

The folks at IGN have been kindly pushing a lot of upcoming DC content of late, and JH3′s and my Batwoman stint on Detective Comics got a little more spotlight today. As opposed to the preview that was released at NYCC, and that Newsarama posted, or the one I posted here, this one’s not strictly narrative, but more showing off some of what Jim’s been doing.

You can check it out here. The pages include the cover to Tec 854, two more interior pages from the same issue (well, three, really, because one’s a double-page spread, complete with not one, but two, count ‘em, two in-jokes!), as well as a double-page from Tec 855, colored by Dave Stewart.


Learn to Write Comics (the DeFilippis Way!)

My friend, co-collaborator, partner in crime, and generally one of the handful of people I absolutely trust to cover my back, Nunzio DeFilippis, is once again teaching a course on writing comics through the UCLA Extension.

Here’s the cool part – he’s teaching an online course, as well.

Which means you don’t have to live in LA to take the course.

This is how he’s describing the online course:

“The class has week-long units in an asynchronous distance learning method (which means no one time to come together and meet, a near impossibility given time zone differences. The work is done over the course of each week, and message board discussions spaced out over the week take the place of actual class meetings). It starts on April 8th, with each weeklong session running from Wednesday through the following Tuesday. Like the onsite class, it lasts 10 weeks, and takes students from introductions to the form up to writing a full issue/chapter.”

Those of you who might be interested, here’s a link to the sign-up at the extension site, and a further description of the course.