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J.H. talks K.K.

Or Batwoman, for the rest of you.

Over at Newsarama. It is, in my opinion, a good interview.

To Will, Re: M is For Mystery, San Mateo

Will! I lost your address! If you read this, please drop me a note so we can connect!

…And P is for Poisoned Pen, in Scottsdale, AZ

Last leg tomorrow, May 12th, signing at the always-fabulous The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, 7pm!

I have to say that, so far, this has been the most gratifying – and well-attended – series of events I’ve had for a novel yet, and I’m very much hoping we’ll close out the walkabout with a bang tomorrow.

To all of you who’ve made a point of attending, thanks again for coming out, buying the books, asking the questions, and giving support. There’s nothing more energizing and rewarding than actually meeting you all, and I really do appreciate it.

M is for Mystery, San Mateo, CA

Yes, that’s right, the Walking Dead walkabout heads to California tomorrow, for a 7pm signing at M is for Mystery, in San Mateo! I’m looking forward to this one, as it’s relatively close to my old hometown stomping grounds, and I know I’ll be seeing some friendly faces (amongst them my parents *ahem*).

If you’re in the Bay Area, please stop by! And – as always – I’m happy to sign comics as well as books, so if you’re still cranked at me for missing WonderCon, here’s the chance for me to make up for it!

Signing at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop, Seattle!

Today, Saturday, 9 May, I’ll be at the lovely little Seattle Mystery Bookshop at noon, for a Walking Dead signing. It’s a great little store, and the events here – at least my events here – tend to be very casual affairs. If you’re in the area on this blessedly not-raining day, please stop by!

Knights Out

1LT Daniel Choi is exactly the kind of soldier we want and need defending our country. He’s a West Point graduate, an Arabic linguist, a trained officer and leader. He is a man of conscience and courage.

He’s also gay, and a founding member of Knights Out.

From tonight’s The Rachel Maddow Show.

Talking with 1LT Daniel Choi.

Signing at Powell’s Books, Cedar Hills Crossing

Another signing is tonight, the 7th of May, at Powell’s Books in Beaverton, Oregon. The fun starts at 7pm with my relaxed raconteur-like stylings and my overly long-winded and possibly entertaining answers to questions of all sorts and sizes. The Powell’s at Cedar Hills is a lovely store, and one of my favorites to visit — for those of you who couldn’t make last night’s event at Murder by the Book, here’s another chance.

And speaking of last night, I really want to thank everyone who attended — I don’t think I’ve ever packed that store before, and from where I was sitting, it looked like that’s just what happened. I had a wonderful time, and it was great to meet (and in many cases re-meet) so many folks. Aaron, Jamie, John – thanks so much for coming! You made my night! And (I’m hoping I remember this right) Scott, the book has been signed and is on its way as we speak!

Signing at Murder by the Book, Portland

Yes, today (meaning Wednesday, 6 May)! Well, actually, tonight, at 7pm, I’ll be at Portland’s Murder by the Book on Hawthorne for a reading, Q&A, and signing. If you’re in the area and can make the event, I’d love to see you there — and I will happily sign novels, comics, or even body parts, provided they’ve been properly cleaned first!

Out with the Eddy, In with the Julian

Announced today, Julian Lopez is the new regular artist on Action Comics.

You can see some of his amazing at, yes, The Source, which has honestly become the home for all news DC of late.

Very, very excited to be working with him, especially beginning with the August crossover!

Novel, meet World; World, meet Novel

Walking Dead goes on sale today in North America. It starts in the Republic of Georgia and ends in British Columbia. It moves from Turkey to Dubai to Amsterdam to Las Vegas. Alena Cizkova and Bridgett Logan are major players. Lots of guns get pointed at lots of different people, and more than a few of the latter end up very unhappy.

It’s not an easy sensation to describe, actually, putting a novel out into the world. The parenting metaphor has been abused to death, and with good reason — there is very much a sense of letting go of something very precious, releasing it into the Big Wide World with all of its wonder and gnashing teeth, and hoping that it will survive, and, perhaps, even thrive.

I’ve been pondering why I write a lot lately, and I tend to come back to the same default: I write because I tell stories, and writing is the medium by which I can most readily accomplish that goal. Or, to rephrase, I am a storyteller, and thus I write.

Which is half an answer, certainly honest enough, but not complete. The fact is, I write because I have to, I don’t know how to not. Either you suffer from the compulsion or you don’t, but it is a compulsion, an addiction, as terrible and terrifying as nicotine or caffeine or any other substance that can get the blood racing and the adrenaline flowing. There is a thrill to writing. I’m something of a junkie.

Walking Dead was a very difficult novel to tell, but not a difficult novel to write, if that distinction means anything. The subject matter, as I found myself researching it, was horrifying at the outset, and only became more so. There’s nothing pretty to be found in the reality of slavery, and while I am always aware that I write fiction, it matters to me that my fictions retain some sense of groundedness in the Real World (patent pending).

A bookseller I know recently opined that I’d written this novel not so much because of the characters but because of that subject matter. He was mistaken. I always have, and always will, write character stories, because, to me, that’s the only story that matters. But the character is a window to the world, and the view out that window, in my opinion, must be on something worth viewing, no matter how sordid, awful, and painful that may be. If I raise the level of awareness, no matter how slightly, so much the better, but my goal is always, first and foremost, to entertain in the telling. I leave it to my betters to relate the facts; I am content to wrestle with Art in an attempt to tell a truth.

For fans of the series, Walking Dead marks the end of a journey that began in Critical Space, which, according to my website, I apparently wrote back in 2001. That’s a long trip to take, but, in retrospect, it makes sense. For Atticus, this is the novel of his reckoning, the story in which he is forced to reconcile the man he has become with the man he once was. His success in this endeavor I will leave to the reader to decide, but I am content with the way his journey has ended.

At least for the time being.

Once again, I urge people to take a look at the Appearances page at my website if you’re interested in attending a signing and hearing me speak. And, as stated before in the blog, if you’re after a signed and/or personalized copy of the novel and cannot attend any of the signings, you should certainly consider contacting one of the booksellers listed to request a copy.