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This past week has been an odd one. Between fighting the dregs of the cold and the fact that the kids had three days of school instead of five, not very much accomplished at all. A lack of inertia, research struggles, and a few spanners thrown for good measure…yeah, not a lot got done. That now has to change, because it’s October, and that means the mad-rush to the end of the year has commenced. A lot of writing needs to be done between now and January 1st (including banging out the first draft of the new Kodiak, which is already giving me migraines).

But today shook it off. And tomorrow I’ll get back to work, and be at it in earnest on Monday. Today was good.

Today was Jennifer’s birthday.

In the main, I find birthdays hard days to negotiate. They come preloaded with the need to be “good” days, and we all know how well that kind of expectation tends to go. They are also, for the most part, a no-win scenario. If you ignore the day, or try to, you fail, because even if everyone else forgets, you still don’t. And should you decide you want to downplay the day, rest assured, there’s someone who’ll look to make a big deal out of it. There’s a reason that six year-olds inevitably have total breakdowns during their birthday parties. The day can almost never go “right.”

I think the kids and I managed to get today to go right, and I’m very, very glad for that. From letting her sleep in to a Death By Chocolate cake, I think we pulled it off. She deserves it. More than I can ever say, she deserves it.

6 Responses to Bride

  1. alryssa

    I never did enjoy my birthday much in the past, but my worst birthday so far to date was a few years back when my husband and I left our apartment to go to a friend’s place and discovered our car’s windshield had either had a rock thrown at it or it had been shot at close range by some idiot the night before.

    After that, anything’s an improvement, really!

    Considering all that’s been going on for you recently, a good day is surely something worth celebrating.

  2. jjgalahad

    Happy B-Day to Jennifer and best wishes for many more!

    As far as Birthdays go, I made a vow when I turned 25 that I would A) Never work on my Birthday and B) Go on vacation somewhere I’d never been before around my birthday each year. So far, I’ve managed to keep to the first resolution and ended up seeing at least three new cities. Travel, for me, almost always equals a good day.

  3. stealthbunny

    Happy Birthday to Jen (or as my own personal quirk — Happy Bunny Dances!!)

    But the important question: Did the quilt survive?!

  4. enewsom

    I had a birthday party once where I got stung on the bottoms of both feet by honeybees. Worst birthday ever.

    So at least you helped her have one better than that!

  5. dannyperkins

    Happy Birthday JVM!

    Nice job making it go well Greg. I’m horrible at that type of thing personally. Maybe I’ll get it right this year since we are both turning 30.

  6. lithera

    Yeah. Birthdays are hard. I understand what you’re saying there. I’m glad that went well for you.

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