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Breaking the seal

I started this account something like two months ago, mostly to annoy my friend Eric. Since then I’ve been pretty much too busy to even consider trying to maintain it, but it’s an odd thing, because since I opened the account, I find myself thinking more and more that I should really post something.

So I’m posting this.

More to come (possibly)….

4 Responses to Breaking the seal

  1. mercuryeric

    Dear [User]:

    Congratulations on completing your first ‘blog entry. You have successfully passed the first common hurdle to neophyte bloggers; that is, posting words to the effect of “Wow. I should really post something, but I don’t know what.”

    For your convenience, please consult this handy checklist for future entries:

    1. “Hey I just saw [recently released motion picture] and, boy did it ever [suck/rock].”

    1a. Advanced blogging. “…it was [better than/totally inferior to] [obscure foreign film by artsy director/auteur].”

    2. “So I talked to my boss today and he/she is a total [tool/jerk/pain in the ass].”

    2a. Advanced blogging. “…kind of like that guy on ‘The Office’…”
    2b. Super-advanced blogging. “…the British version, obviously.”

    3. Random ‘blog thing’, such as this.

    3a. Advanced blogging: make sure your entries are typed without using capital letters, proper punctuation or spelling, and if possible, without using the space bar.

    4. Comments flamewar.
    4a. Advanced blogging: …about politics.
    4b. Super-advanced blogging: …whilst invoking Godwin’s Law.
    4c. Super-duper advanced blogging: instead of a politics flamewar, substitute Mac vs. PC evangelism.

    By repeating these three simple steps, you too can become a veteran blogger in no time.


  2. gabbicus

    ummmm…. 4 steps ;)

  3. mercuryeric

    EXCELLENT. And now the flamewar can commence. :)


  4. budgie_uk

    Just discovered that you have an LJ account, Greg…

    Duly added…

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