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Too cold outside.


52 Responses to Brain…fried….

  1. bluebeetlev3

    If it makes you feel any better I’m really looking forward to you taking over Action. ^_^

  2. sd6

    That’s what she said.

  3. gargoylekitty

    I laughed way too hard at that. Time for sleep.

  4. sd6

    This should sufficiently wipe away any remaining bits of fried brain for a fresh start. Behold: Master Legend and the Justice Force

    Please, oh please, watch their video.

    (If only I could find the Rolling Stone interview/article online somewhere, but alas, I fail.)


  5. sweetdragon

    So, Flamebird and Nightwing, then?

  6. jesterwitch

    Did you hear that the CW channel is pitching a series called The Grayson’s exploring the life of Dick Grayson before he became Robin?

  7. captain_slinky

    This is by far the worst erotic “Slash Fic” I’ve ever read.

  8. stealthbunny

    At least you don’t have to shovel cold.

    Today will be our third snow and/or ice storm in a week. And another one scheduled for Sunday. The last storm broke my snow shovel.

    At least it’s a warm day of 22F. I only needed a windbreaker jacket to take the garbage out.

    Of course… I did scurry right back indoors and dive into warmth again. And there are warm blankets and two cats and a rabbit waiting for me. Which is the ONLY way to deal with a day like this.

  9. jeditigger


    I feel guilty, enjoying a 70-degree day in North Carolina while you guys are freezing in the Northwest, but then…you get to live in the Northwest, so thpppt.

    What the dickens broke your brain, Greg?

  10. dewline

    Was pitching.

    The proposal, I’ve heard, has since been dropped.

  11. dewline

    As for the weather…I understand.

    Too well.

  12. jjgalahad

    Well, I, for one, look forward to the exciting Adventures of Birdwing and Flamenight in Comics Action.

  13. kali921

    It’s not too late to turn this scene into Doom Patrol slash, Greg!

    And if it gets too bad:

    *cracking up*

  14. cissie_king

    Just change Nightwing’s name back to Superboy, and everything gets easier.

  15. alryssa

    Thank all the various Gods.

  16. admin


  17. admin


    That was…that was good.

  18. admin

    Hey, I know it’s crazy, but you can always, y’know, move.

    Me, I signed up for rain. Nowhere in the brochure did it mention consecutive weeks of snow and ice!

  19. admin

    Bizzaro hate Flamenight and Birdwing.

  20. admin

    Love it!

    I’ll make sure Giffen is notified!

  21. admin

    Oh you think you’re just so smart, don’t you? :p

  22. alryssa

    I had a fit of apoplexy when I heard about it, and their … *ahem* changes.

    Nightwing’s the character that got me reading DC years ago, he’s my favourite, and as such, I’ve had to endure the character getting screwed over in various unpleasant ways/ignored/written terribly for years to the point of making me drop the title a couple years back, and it’s honestly getting kind of old for me, even being what I would term myself a ‘casual’ fan.

  23. kali921


    Excellent. SDJ in BRIGHT PINK fixes almost everything, doesn’t it?

    Here, now have a concentrated blast of SAMURAI GEETAR:

    (That’s Miyavi, but you probably already know that.)

  24. jjgalahad

    Imagine how confusing things will get when Bizarro discovers that Flamenight and Birdwing . . .
    have secretly been Mr. Mxyzptlk and Ms. Gsptlsnz all along!

  25. jjgalahad

    Re: Your video

    Man, that new Punisher movie is nothing at all like what I expected. Still, I’m really looking forward to Frank Sinatra as Jigsaw.

  26. kali921

    Yes, but Greg, come on. When you post to LJ that you’re in the process of writing slash and/or het fic in a febrile frenzy, you’re supposed to let us know if it’s G, PG, or a heavy NC-17, and you’re supposed to tell us which prompt you wrote it in response to, and you’re supposed to put everything under a cut with a huge warning for SPOILERS OMG.

    Then you have to get into a five hundred comment flame thread with someone that doesn’t ship the same pairing as you do, and then in response you have a to write a ten thousand word essay on why YOUR pairing is the bestest in your particular fandom – you have to throw in a few passive aggressive jabs at competing fandom BNFs in this essay, mind, and also remind everyone that the subtext is RIGHT THERE, how can no one else see the superiority of this pairing? – and then wait for it to get posted on whereupon a wankdammerung breaks out and that, of course, is followed by mass defriendings from your flist and more flounces. Then you say your “Goodbye, cruel world!” to fandom and flock all of your LJ entries or, alternatively, write RPS lampooning your arch enemies in fandom. Make sure to include all their squicks in said RPS!

    Although you were admirably cryptic in this post, and this occasionally works as a spectacularly successful gambit.

  27. aylara

    I find it hard to believe that was the worst.

  28. jeditigger

    My SO and I are contemplating moving out that way, though, so thanks for doing a quality assurance check for us, Greg. Appreciate it.

  29. thatnickguy

    All you’d need to do is put “Oh,” at the beginning of each name and an exclamation mark at the end. Perfect!

  30. thatnickguy

    Shhhh! We’re not supposed to say the S-word! Lawyers are EVERYWHERE, man!

  31. thatnickguy

    Ooh! What if you drew parallels with a couple of birds or something? That are in the background? Add in some kinda tale or something?

    Eh, too Neil Gaimen-ish for a superhero story, maybe. I blame reading through the Absolute Sandman over the past week.

  32. captain_slinky

    You’re right… Mr. Rucka *has* written some worse slash fic in his time (STILL waiting for the giant snog-fest that “52″ was building towards). But this one was unforgivable!

  33. abc_evie

    “Flamewing” is making me hungry, and I’m a vegetarian even.

  34. admin

    I want you to know that I watched this ONLY BECAUSE YOU ASKED.

    And I will remember this. I will!

  35. admin

    I think it was obviously NC-17, but point taken, I’ll use spoilers next time.

    N00b mistake, my bad.

  36. admin

    Re: Your video

    I don’t know, I kinda like this take on the character….

  37. admin

    I was actually thinking of intercutting the whole story with another, apparently unrelated story, about pirates.

    But that might be confusing or something.

  38. jeditigger

    Pirates and NINJAS?

  39. jjgalahad

    Re: Your video

    Oh, don’t get me wrong – I think this film is utterly visionary. They’ve cut to the very heart and soul of Frank Castle via showstopping musical numbers. “A Walk In The Park (Ain’t No Walk In The Park)” is the best Punisher origin sequence I’ve ever seen – and catchy too! I’ve been humming it for weeks now.

    I’m just glad they finally let Joss Whedon-written superhero movie make it to the big screen.

  40. herozero

    You gotta give her some points for trying.

  41. thatnickguy

    Pirates would be cool, but I get ya. What about mixing it with a look back at the original Nightwing and Flamebird? A Kryptonian adventure that parallels the one the new ones are having?

  42. stealthbunny

    I say that every winter. And then the other seasons roll around and it’s just so damned beautiful up here. I mean, you went to school in these parts, you know what it looks like.

    But I will have to leave someday. Winters are just getting too hard on me. Although rain would be even worse. And I would miss my mountains. I left once. I honestly don’t know where I’d go when I leave again.

    Of course… um… going out and stomping down little pathways through the snow for the cottontails, squirrels and birds to get to the feeding areas in sub-freezing weather is probably taking the crazy a little far… And leaning out my window to throw seed and peanuts to them in said sub-freezing weather… But I gots crippled ones! And seeing them floundering through the snow is.. is.. hard. And … and… um… yeah, I passed crazy a few turns back and took the exit to insane instead.

  43. dewline

    Glad to have passed good news along, and pleased at your choice of icon.

  44. dewline

    Yes, they are. I’ve got the syndicated feed of a couple such beasties – one’s a comics fan of longstanding as well as a good friend who introduced me to APAs, and the other’s of interest for the content of his blog – on my friendlist.

  45. stealthbunny

    And just to reiterate the insanity, I just went out in the blizzard and 18F to hang more dried corn, because I saw one of my crippled young squirrel-ings trying to jump up to get the last few pieces. I hadn’t seen this one since the last two storms, and had thought he had perished. He devoured peanuts like he hadn’t eaten in days.. and he probably hadn’t, since he can’t use one front leg.

    …I’m such a wimp…

  46. jjgalahad

    No, no, no – you need to make the whole thing take place in either a Victorian setting or a futuristic fascist society. I’m thinking you could call it “The League of Extraordinary Kryptonians”.

  47. tbosky

    I see what you did there.

  48. alryssa

    Thankyou! Due South is my rediscovered current obsession. :)

  49. shananagin

    You have no idea how psyched I am to read it. Or how much I want to know who they are.

  50. fullburl

    off topic but-

    “I like spy stuff…and I like comics (though I’m not much of a superhero fan). And Queen and Country the comic series by Greg Rucka is fantastic. Rucka’s a genius, Ian Mackintosh—Rucka’s inspiration—was also a genius. Tara Chace is one of the all-time great/tragic action characters. I came away with the realization that bureaucracy and internal power-struggling isn’t a side-show to the real work…it’s determinative as to whether or not your “real work” gets done. Spying is something we all ought to want our country to be really, really good at.”

    -Rachel Maddow

  51. admin


    And I cannot thank you enough for bringing it to my attention.

  52. dewline

    And a belated “you’re welcome” upon your receipt that particular bit of TV industry news.

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