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Body Count

I just realized that, by 15K words in the new novel, I’ve already racked up a body-count of 8.

Not sure what to make of that, frankly.

43 Responses to Body Count

  1. davidwynne

    Sounds good!

    …You do mean a fictional body-count, right?

  2. sd6

    Hey, you know what they say: “can’t make an omelet without brutally murdering eight people.”

    Wait, I might have that slightly wrong…

  3. djfanboy

    …it’s all in preparation for a reanimation scene, right?


  4. davidwynne

    I am totally using that from now on.

  5. admin

    I am never having breakfast at your house again.

  6. aylara


  7. nealbailey

    It means the front needs a Mortis Personae. Either that, or you’re about five hundred deaths behind the average comic book event.

    Either way, that this novel is tagged “Atticus” pleases me to no end. I just sold my crazy brit friend on Smoker, Critical Space, and Patriot, and he’s cursing me for the sleep he’s lost.

  8. mercuryeric

    Clearly, you’re about five dead fictional folk off the mark.



  9. jared465

    “Not sure what to make of that, frankly.”


    Nice to see you cranking away at the prose, btw.

    Has spring hit there? We’ve finally gotten it here in upstate NY and it has reduced my ability to focus to near zero… its good to see that you are “staying on target”

  10. hdefined

    You put little value in fragility of fictional lives!

  11. admin

    That implies a belief in reality that I’m not sure I share.

  12. admin

    Which five?

  13. thatnickguy

    Meh, they’ll all be brought back to life in time for the big epic crossover…

    …oh, wait.

  14. admin

    And I’m not even wearing my really short skirt.

    Spring sprang, then retreated. It’s Portland. The sun will finally reveal itself (or punish us, depending on your point of view) sometime in May. For now, it taunts, but fails to deliver…

    …so I suppose it’s being a tease, too, as far as that goes.

  15. admin

    No comment.

  16. stealthbunny

    EEEEEEE! A new one!!!


    Drat. And I STILL don’t have a copy of Patriot Acts.

  17. lunatic96

    To be fair, you killed about a dozen people in the first 6 chapters of Patriot Acts so you’re actually behind the pace.

  18. davidwynne

    Hey, fair enough. As long as you’re not wearing the skin of anyone else’s face as a mask while you type, it’s all good.

  19. supergodginrai

    Woohoo! 8 deaths!
    Does that comment make me sound sadistic or more like a psycho ?

  20. jonlaw

    I guess peace and stability were not really in the cards for Atticus, but I thought he might have a chance to come back from the abyss, but it sounds like he is being pushed in with guns blazing. Hoping he gets to keep enough of his soul. I am with him for the whole ride, but it hurts to see how much he has lost.

    Looking forward to it.

  21. admin

    “That would be telling.”

  22. admin

    True. There is a significant difference in this case, however, which I am not as yet willing to divulge. :D

  23. admin

    “Atticus and the Lazarus Pit”

  24. dewline

    Only 500?

  25. dewline

    If you can get to Ottawa before Friday, we can remedy that sunlight issue. No kidding.

  26. sd6


  27. mercuryeric

    I’m not sure, but I’m positive they’re very, very bad.

    Obviously, someone needs to step up the pace a little, ‘sall I’m sayin’.



  28. nealbailey

    Well, yeah, but you forget, 1,429 of the casualties are maimings.

  29. jeffrey

    Be seeing you.

  30. dewline

    Updating: the rain in Ottawa’s been pushed back to Monday next week.

  31. jjgalahad

    8? Why, with 9 character deaths, you get the 10th one absolutely FREE! And a small coffee!*

    *May not apply to all fiction. Small coffee only given out if 9th fictional death is due to defenestration, beheading or devouring by sharks. Not valid outside your imagination.

  32. jonlaw

    So, what you are saying is that questions are a burden to others and answers a prison for oneself.

    Who IS number one?

  33. admin

    “I’d like to be the first man on the moon.”

  34. admin

    This got a big laugh. Thank you!

  35. admin

    It makes you sound like my editor, actually. Though she’d read it and then say, “could you add more profanity? Please?”


  36. jjgalahad

    Glad to hear it! You’re very welcome.

  37. jjgalahad

    You are, Number One.”

  38. jonlaw

    I thought I was Number Six. But I’m glad I’m number one to somebody.

  39. supergodginrai

    She sounds alright then.
    Maybe it’s time for a change of career for me, since my resolution this year was to use more profanity.

  40. matchesmalone

    Well, if we do the math…

    According to the fine folks at NaNoWriMo, (I think that’s the acronym…), a novel is 50K words, therefore, it follows that by the end of the novel, you will have approximately a body count of 27….

  41. admin

    Re: Well, if we do the math…

    If I turned in a 50K ms to my editor, she would quite seriously ask me, “Where’s the rest?”

    This one’s going to clock in at 130K, perhaps as high as 150K, I think.

    The math gets kinda scary if we follow through on this….

  42. matchesmalone

    it doesn’t get scary, it gets easier…

    150K div 15K times current body count equals 80.

    Well, you did ask :)

  43. dewline

    There may be sportscasters from my neighbourhood looking to switch careers soon, then.

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