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Bits and Pieces

Odd week. Lots of pre-writing work. Read all of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass for reference, and the frustrating thing is that I can’t even tell you why I did this, nor can I show you any of the fantastic art that’s been coming in on the nameless project.

See, if I’m going to be frustrating, at least I have the courtesy of being consistently annoying.

Leaving for Vegas in a couple of hours. The piece that I mentioned being interviewed for is up, should anyone be curious. I’m quite looking forward to the Comics Fest, even if the trip will be a short one–arrive today, depart tomorrow night. That’s hardly enough time to enjoy Vegas.

Looks like several other projects all took steps forward this week, as well, some large, some small. At least one of them I’ll get to start writing next week, after I finish the next issue of Stumptown.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

11 Responses to Bits and Pieces

  1. kali921

    There’s eschewing of the “feminist” label?

    Could have fooled me.

  2. jonlaw

    Have a good trip. Article was interesting, if a little loose in its parallels between Q&C and Whiteout. Where did they get that picture?

    Hope you come out this way some day.

  3. supergodginrai

    1st: I’m intrigued by the Alice in Wonderland comment.
    2nd: When is the 1st Stumptown out, any idea ? (I’m out of the loop, don’t buy Previews anymore.)

  4. sora50

    Greg Rucka + Lewis Carrol? I’m in.

  5. futuredirt

    OK, I can’t wait another minute to hear about this mystery project…

    Seriously, I can’t. Please tell us… please? I need to know what to tell my LCS to add to my pull list.

  6. odessasteps

    Looks like an interesting day to be in Vegas.

    When I left for work, the hotel fire was still raging.

  7. admin

    Stumptown is scheduled for summer. First issue should be out around San Diego. The book has yet to be solicited.

    Trust me: I’ll let EVERYONE know when it’s time.

  8. admin

    Uhm…I can’t. I really really can’t. Much as I’d like to.

    If it makes you feel any better, it’s as frustrating to me as I suspect it is to you.

  9. admin

    Picture was taken by a photographer here in Portland, named Linnea Osterberg. Thought it was time I got a new pub photo taken.

  10. supergodginrai

    Cool, thanks for the info.
    Working in a bookstore keeps me on track for Greg Rucka Novels but not for comic books lol.

  11. futuredirt

    Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying. I anxiously await future updates.

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