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Batwoman: Elegy hits best-seller list

Batwoman: Elegy

Art by JH Williams

The collected hardcover of Greg and JH Williams’ Detective Comics run featuring Batwoman debuted at number two on the New York Times “Hardcover Graphic Books” best-seller list!

2 Responses to Batwoman: Elegy hits best-seller list

  1. the cheekster

    Congratulations! Your work deserves every accolade it receives which by the way is many. Your run on ‘Tec was easily the best comic book series of 2009. (One issue of Stumptown does not a series make.)

    Greg, I have a request. Is there any way it would be possible to get a signed script of the page where Alice and Kate are on top of the roof then we see the razor inside Alice’s mouth and the final panel is Alice slashing Kate’s face? I have the original artwork from JH Williams and would love to have a signed copy of your script to go with it.

    (I would ask this on the ComicBloc forum as suggested on the contact page but posting on that website never seems to work for me.)

  2. Peter

    Congratulations! Beaten out only by the “Twilight” fans, but what are you going to do?

    BTW, one of our local LGBT papers, the Bay Area Reporter, described ol’ Kate as “the Dyke Knight.” The nickname made me smile. But given what you were trying to do with Batwoman, I’m not sure what your feelings were about the sobriquet.

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