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Bang Bang Bang

Walking Dead hits bookstores this coming Tuesday, the 28th. It is, at least for the foreseeable future, the last Kodiak novel. The reviews, thus far, have been glowing, but by far the best props I’ve gotten were from Lee Child, who offered the following blurb upon reading an advance copy:

“One of the best entries in one of the best series by one of our best writers. Did I just say best three times? Better believe it. Rucka is one damn fine writer.”

Considering the source, I have to say, hell yeah, very proud of that indeed.

The Very Abbreviated Tour begins in May, confined, I am afraid, to the PNW (Portland, Beaverton, and Seattle), with stops in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Phoenix. You can find a list of the stores I’ll be visiting, along with the dates and times at my website. You can also find contact information for each of the locations.

If you’d like a signed or personalized copy of the new novel, and can’t make one of the signings (because, say, you live in Chicago), I’d urge you to contact any of the booksellers listed and order a copy either through their website or over the phone. Just let them know how you’d like the book made out, and please – I beg you! – make certain they have the proper spelling of your name! Nothing’s worse than making a book out to “John” only to find out he spells it “Jon.”

Seriously, nice way to waste a pretty hardcover.

Last note-slash-request for those of you planning on picking up the title: the first week of release is, these days, very much a make-or-break time for a book. If you are planning on buying a copy – and I sincerely hope you are! – placing your order before May 5th would be tremendously helpful in supporting my work.


51 Responses to Bang Bang Bang

  1. lithera

    Will do, sir. *salutes*

    I’ll also do my best to stop by and say hi on the 9th. I’ve never been to Seattle Mystery Bookshop that I can remember… Third Place is really nice, though. I like it there.

  2. nealbailey

    Important question…

    What looks better, online sales or hard copy in bookstore sales?

    Or are sales just sales (he asked, honestly clueless)?

    For instance, I can surprise folks I’ve dragged (EDIT: That verb sounds bad, I meant that more in the “you gotta read this guy!” sense) toward your work with copies, so I’m gonna buy more than one, but if it looks better online, that’s just as easy as if I go to the store.

    Last time, however, I recall running into shortages from the book selling out in the book store.

  3. admin

    Seattle Mystery is a REALLY nice shop, run by really nice, really good folks.

    And yeah, I love Third Place. Always have a great time when I visit there.

  4. admin

    Either works, but I’m a fan of supporting the independent specialty stores, places like Seattle Mystery Bookstore and the like. But ultimately, sales be sales.

  5. lithera

    Elliot Bay is one of my favorites, just because of how the floors sound when you walk in there.

    Happily, I’ll be finished with Patriot Acts before then, since I’m about halfway through it now. I meant to read it earlier but I got a little distracted by my Kindle.

  6. adgy

    How exciting! I will be sure to pick this up on Tuesday morning.

  7. coppervale

    At a Diamond trade show, I once signed a book “To Josh”, only to realize when he gave me a strange look that his name wasn’t Josh.

    I apologized, set the book aside, and signed a new copy for Mike.

    Then an hour or so later, a guy walks up, asked for one of the books, and then asks if I’ll make it out to Josh.

    I smiled and said “Josh! I’ve been waiting for you!” then leaned over and grabbed the old copy, and handed it to him, already signed to Josh.

    I’m magic, I tell you. Like Pen and Teller.

  8. cwweir

    My copy’s not signed… :(

  9. dewline

    Not planning on the Bloody Words Mystery Conference this year, then?

  10. jared465

    Nice quote from Lee Child. I’ve read a few Reacher books in my time…. :)

    I have Uncle Amazon delivering the book to my humble doorstep…..I will be sure to have you throw your John Hancock on it at a future con….

    Congrats on the release!

  11. nealbailey

    The Seattle Mystery Bookshop gave me Charlie Huston, Ross M., and steered me toward a number of my faves. Great shop. I think I’ll get my initial copy ASAP and scoop a few from there on a trip north in that case.

  12. nealbailey

    Ancillary, but I keep meaning to mention it. The new site is f-ing awesome.

  13. tigernach

    Congrats, Greg. Neal and I are so excited for you, and I think I finally got the title sorted out. We are so pwning your book.

  14. thatnickguy

    Heh! Okay, the question has to be asked: what was Josh’s reaction?

  15. thatnickguy

    Wahoo! A new Rucka novel! Been a longtime fan of your novels (since about the time Smoker was released), so I will happily pick this up…

    …although, with all due respect, when the softcover edition is released. I’m not a fan of hardcover novels.

    Crap, I just looked on Wikipedia and realized I missed buying Patriot Acts. Well, that’ll keep me occupied until Walking Dead’s softcover comes out!

  16. coppervale

    Astonished. Spent the rest of the night trying to figure out why I knew him already and telling the story to EVERYONE.

  17. robpugh

    Already pre-ordered on Amazon. You know it publishes the same day [and will be shipped to me with] the next volume of O’Neil’s Question TPBs, right? That right there is what we synchronicity.

    The expression “last Kodiak novel” makes me unusually despondent.

    Next up is another Q&C novel, yes? Is it ready yet? Can you publish it next week as well?

    Dammit, I suck at patience.

  18. rhinogirl

    On the “sales be sales” question, is there any difference to you between a hardcover sale and a Kindle sale? Do you get the same in terms of royalties and do Kindle sales help you in the first weeks?

    I assume the price difference between the Kindle edition and the hardcover is just the price of publishing the physical book. I like the convenience of reading books on Kindle but if hardcovers support authors more I’d like to know that. Thanks.

  19. admin

    That is remarkably cool. I wish I had that presence of mind.

  20. admin


  21. admin

    Thanks — I’ll look forward to seeing you and signing it? NY next year? Or will you be in San Diego?

  22. admin

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had a book “pwned” before. You’re my first!

  23. admin

    And, y’know, that one’s out in softcover!

  24. admin

    It’s the last Kodiak for the foreseeable future. There may be more. But for now, he’s in a good place, and he’s earned a rest.

  25. admin

    Y’know, that’s a very good question, and I honestly don’t know the answer. I have nothing against electronic versions of my books, and honestly, if that’s how you’d prefer to read it, that’s the version you should get.

    I should look into the royalty thing I suppose….

  26. dewline

    *nods* The thing rotates between several different cities up here as it is, and the word that this year was Ottawa’s turn only reached me just a couple of weeks ago.

    My clue-by-four was a promo display in the front lobby of the Ottawa Library’s main branch.

  27. jonlaw

    Can’t wait to have the book in hand! Been too long since I read anything new by you. If you ever get out this way I think I’ll have to arrange a private session just to catch up on getting things signed.

  28. jonlaw

    Just read the review excerpts posted on your website. Outstanding! Hard to believe how dismissive some of the early Kirkus reviews were of Atticus. Now they join the true believers with routine starred reviews and enthusiastic praise. You should be very proud. And like fine wine, you just keep getting better. I am already anticipating the next book even as I look forward to reading Walking Dead. Thank you for being so awesome!

  29. kei87

    I completely forgot that this was coming down the pipeline! I can’t wait to check it out; I’ve been devouring Robert Parker’s Jesse Stone series to get my detective thriller fix. And I have to ask… any chance of a Queen and Country revival if Atticus is taking a rest?
    Seriously though, I know what I’ll be doing on Tuesday night.

  30. jared465

    Probably NYCC, that one is pretty easy and convenient for me….or maybe SDCC next year – i keep forgetting that SDCC ’10 will take place before NYCC ’10

  31. jeditigger

    That is AWESOME.

  32. jeditigger

    I’ll be getting a copy but holding it in reserve until I can see you sign the book. I don’t much care about autographs, but strangely, signed volumes only mean something to me as a mark of when I met the author.

    I am very, very pleased that you are getting such well-deserved props.

  33. thatnickguy

    Hot digity, I am THERE!

    Of course, given that it’s been out for two years, I would certainly hope so. *grin*

  34. nweinham

    Congratulations! But hey, why waste time lauding your wonderful accomplishments when I could be slipping in a request for a new Mim Bracca novel? ;) Just keep writing and I’ll be happy. I’ll read this one slowly since it might be the last Kodiak for a while.

  35. futuredirt

    First off, congrats on the book!

    Second, I wanted to make sure you saw this as you are included and it’s just incredibly awesome:

  36. electricvinyl

    It’s that time again already? O_O

    Geez… but to be honest I still haven’t read Patriot Acts because I’ve been kinda dreading it. I love the Atticus books (Especially Smoker and Shooting at Midnight) but as I have said before Critical Space, while very good, pissed me the hell off numerous times while reading it to the point where I wanted to kick Atticus in the butt for being a dumbass and when I realized I couldn’t I threw the book across the room… (Oddly enough this also happened while reading Finder for much the same reason but only once while CS I did it a few times) Greg, you are the only writer to make me throw a book because I was so mad at a character I really liked.

    That said, I did of course promptly pick it back up and finish reading it. I know Patriot Acts picks up exactly where CS left off so I waited for it in softcover to protect my walls from book shaped dents… Now that Walking Dead is coming out next week, I guess it’s now or never to read Patriot Acts.

  37. 619nerd shipped it to me last week and I finished it in one day. It was a tough read at times, due to the subject matter, but overall I did enjoy it. I’m already looking forward to your next work (though I suppose I can settle for re-reading the Kodiak series for now…)

  38. enewsom

    Thanks, Neal!

  39. jmorse

    Been waiting for the 28th since, well, forever! I’ll be there the minute the doors open.

    I too would love to find out about the Kindle vs hardcover thing. At this point I’ve bought each of the books in every format they’ve been offered so I guess I’m doing my share to help pay the mortgage.

    Makes me sad to hear about Atticus leaving us, but hearing he’s leaving in a good place makes me happy. They’ve all been good friends for many years. I like a happy ending.

  40. jmorse

    Me again. So I just clicked on the reviews page and started reading. I honest to god said “WHOA” out loud (I’m here alone too) when I read this part…

    ‘…she too goes on the run, with help from an unlikely source: hard-nosed New York PI—and Atticus’s ex-lover—Bridgett Logan’

    Tuesday can NOT come here soon enough.

  41. nealbailey

    It really, really is. Very easy on the eyes.

  42. admin

    It is a very hard read in some places, I agree. But it’s not really a subject that I felt I could lie about, or that I could soft-pedal.

    Glad you dug it.

  43. admin

    It’s nice to even be mentioned in that company, y’know?

  44. admin

    Yeah, softcovers don’t fly as nicely as hardcovers, but they do manage less property damage.

  45. admin

    Well, a reasonably happy ending, at any rate. ;)

  46. admin

    Oh most definitely!

  47. admin

    I’ve had a new Mim in mind for years. Just a question of when I can write it and who’ll be willing to publish it.

  48. jmorse

    I should have known better than to get my hopes up!

  49. futuredirt

    It is well deserved. IMHO, you are one of the best. No Man’s Land is what got me back in to comics and will always be one of my favorite stories of all time.

  50. bookfreek

    While on the Subject of a New Book…

    Greg, I am a die-hard fan of the Q&C series – both comic and prose. I saw in a recent interview you talk about the next Q&C series and novel that would be coming up after Walking Dead.

    I’m SERIOUSLY jonesing for a fix of news, or any other tidbit you can give out.

    Can you help an addict out?


  51. admin

    Re: While on the Subject of a New Book…

    Well…the book’s called The Last Run, so I suppose that could conceivably tell you everything you need to know….

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