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Atomic Batteries to Power

Back from the California Adventure, which consisted of three days in Fresno with Jen’s family. Came back home a couple days ago to an empty house, as she and the kids stayed to linger with her father, sister, and her sister’s kids. Christmas is not my holiday, and while I appreciate elements of the pageantry, and can enjoy a well-decorated Christmas tree as much as the next bloke, it still remains very much Not My Holiday.

But all that’s beside the point at the moment. Quiet house means I get to do what I want, when I want, how I want (what the late Spalding Gray would’ve referred to as a “naughty treat”). This has mostly manifested in alternately writing and catching up on the Netflix pile that’s been sitting and waiting for the last three months, which should tell you just about everything you need to know about my schedule. Watched Owning Mahowny, Ratatouille, and the last of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Enjoyed them in pretty much reverse order, there, from least to most. Really thought Ratatouille was lovely, and it hit my mushy buttons pretty well in that patented Disney-can-make-you-cry-in-the-first-five-minutes-if-we-want-to fashion.

Owning Mahowny was great, and if you’re interested in such unsolicited recommendations, here’s mine — see it. Philip Seymour Hoffman is fantastic. I’ve quite liked him in the little that I’ve seen of him before, but this one sealed the deal — the man kicks ass. Now I’m looking forward to Charlie Wilson’s War even more than I was before.

Got another one or two I’d like to watch today, but we’ll see. I’m in the last 24 hours, here, and I suppose I should use the time to nail down as much of the next issue of Stumptown as possible, as the current fire on Checkmate is out, for the moment. More news on that front in the next couple weeks, I expect.

5 Responses to Atomic Batteries to Power

  1. odessasteps

    I’m most curious to next see Hoffmann in The Savages.

    But, I really cannot wait for THERE WILL BE BLOOD. I have a feeling it may not open wide until award season nominations appear en masse.

  2. admin

    I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about THERE WILL BE BLOOD. No idea when I’ll get into a theater next; probably another of many films to be added to the stack.

    I love my kids, but they’re murder on getting to the movies, y’know?

  3. odessasteps

    I’ve almost given up on theaters, between the audiences that can’t behave and insane ticket prices ($10 per show around here). I’d rather wait a few months for everything but great pictures and just rent them from Netflix.

    In a completely unrelated matter, saw this story today and couldn’t help but think about WHITEOUT.,,2232455,00.html

  4. anuisance2you

    Hoffman was also exquisite in “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”, but if you go see that make sure you schedule some time to play with puppies or eat ice cream with children or something to lighten your mood. Not an easy one to watch.

    Great movie, just a little rough on the psyche

  5. davesbu

    i saw Charlie Wilson last night…Hoffman has been a long standing favorite of mine long before he won for Capote. He’s by far what makes Charlie Wilson as good as it is. Watch for the scene involving a scotch bottle with him and Hanks–classic Sorkin.

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