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Appearance – Powell’s Beaverton

Along with a slew of other local Portland crime and mystery type writers, I’ll be at the Powell’s Books in Beaverton this evening, from 7:00pm until around 9:00pm or so. It’s looking to be a very relaxed signing-slash-Q&A, with questions moderated by the Very Tall John Walsdorf, of Friends of Mystery, an Oregon mystery fan association. Friends of Mystery give out the Spotted Owl award. I’ve never won, but I like John, anyway. Couple of my favorite local writers will be there, as well, including Ed Goldberg and Lono Waiwaiole, amongst others.

I know it’s short notice — I’ve been remiss in promoting this (hell, I haven’t said ANYTHING about my participation in this new anthology published by the MWA and edited by the terrifyingly good Michael Connelly).

Anyway, for a write-up of the Powell’s event and a full list of attendees, take a clicky-click here.

8 Responses to Appearance – Powell’s Beaverton

  1. kali921

    Yay for in person appearances! Now, when are you going to come visit us in the Bay Area?

  2. jonlaw

    New PUBLISHED short story. Glad to hear about it, but, as always, like to have as much warning as possible. Not to mention, would love to know more details.

    Have a good time at Powell’s.

    My question is, when are you coming to DC Metro area? I fear the answer to always be, “not soon.”

  3. jared465

    That looks like a really good anthology. Reminds me a little of the “Thriller” anthology that James Patterson edited and came out a year or so ago – that had some really strong work in it also.

  4. insektmute

    Sweet, that Powell’s is only about 10 minutes from me :D

  5. insektmute

    btw, are we OK to bring copies of Queen & Country for you to sign?

  6. admin

    By all means!

  7. stealthbunny

    I’ve been 7th on the waitlist for Patriot Acts at my swap club ever since the book came out.

    Which means NO ONE is willing to give up their copy.

    Which is a great ego-boo for you, but I wanna read it, dammit!


  8. supergodginrai

    Eventually, I’ll be somewhere where you will be… but not on the west coast.

    Will have to check out this new anthology.

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