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And your morning dose of ‘ick’…

…or more story-seeds, depending on your point of view.

An interesting defence.

A one-time act, or part of a larger conspiracy?

And, just to prove that Max Headroom really was 20 minutes into the future, this developing delight out of India. The scope is astonishing, as well as vile.

7 Responses to And your morning dose of ‘ick’…

  1. technoir

    More and more I am convinced that we live in a cyberpunk world. The only thing we are lacking is readily available cybernetics and they are working on that.

  2. admin

    My GOD! Is that…is that Kerr Avon???

    (I found, in a dusty old box in the attic last night, a bumper sticker from a convention back in the 80s — “Avon for Dictator.”)

  3. kali921

    That story from India is terrifying, and all too common. Anyone that thinks Dirty Pretty Things was outlandish is deluding themselves.

    Pesticide poisoning. At this point, I don’t touch anything that comes from China, whether commodity or food, because of their hideously lax regulatory policies and their utter lack of regulation, period. Conspiracy? That is also terrifying.

    I miss Max Headroom!

  4. dewline

    Before Max Headroom, there were the stories about “organleggers” in Larry Niven’s “Known Space” stories. Modern mass media being what it is, I naturally found out about Niven after watching Max’s antics.

    I wish I could recall whether I saw the show before or after I first started reading the Legion-as-was regularly. I recall one of the first Levitz/Broderick tales did a nod in Niven’s general direction as well.

    I’ll bet that Niven, Levitz and Headroom’s creators could have lived happily without being proven so prescient about what was then still the future.

  5. dewline

    Further on the “Ick”…

    …with an angle I think I could’ve done very nicely without.

  6. technoir

    Why yes, yes it is.

    The classics never go out of style. Even if their costuming does.

  7. stolenfuton

    My thoughts exactly on the Dirty Pretty Things line. What might be even sadder is that the movie was released in 2002, so this issue has got to be at least a decade or two, or even three, in the making. It makes you wonder both what else is going on around the seedy underbelly of the world, and what would it take for the general public to notice what’s going on.

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