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And one more

Manuel Garcia sketch.

4 Responses to And one more

  1. dewline

    *envy continues*

  2. thatnickguy

    Ooh, nice. Was Garcia one of the artists for an arc in Q&C? The style looks very familiar.

  3. resin_ga_miteru

    Howdy. I’ve been enjoying all the Crime Bible tidbits you’ve been posting and am looking forward to the series when it starts. First mini I pull-listed on faith alone!

    If I may ask an off-topic question… will the WGA strike affect comics or just movies and TV? I don’t know how wide a field the WGA represents.

  4. admin

    Thanks! I think your faith will be rewarded!

    Re: the WGA strike; no, it really doesn’t effect me personally, as I’m not 1) a member of the WGA (don’t have the credits) and 2) comics aren’t governed by the WGA. It’s going to hurt a lot of writers I do know however, and I suspect it’ll be a long strike, to boot.

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