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And on another note entirely

Steve Lieber sent out an email this evening reporting that the Mercury Studios blog had been violated by spammers.

At his request, and frankly, as a fan of the now-entitled Periscope Studios, I am spreading the information that, 1) the old address of should be avoided, and 2) if you want the goods on Periscope, you should go here, which will see you safely into the arms of the fine artists at Periscope Studios.

3 Responses to And on another note entirely

  1. kali921

    When the New Order arises, the great paradigm shift that will exocoriate, scour, and cleanse all the human garbage from the streets in a nice astringent rain, when human consciousness decides to edit the gene pool for great justice…

    …I’m pushing all the malevolent hackers straight out the airlock door.

    (I’m assuming that we’ll mostly be living in orbiting bases by then. Orbiting bases shaped like skulls, preferably.)

  2. admin

    I like the part with the skulls. Can I have a room near the left eye?

  3. kali921

    ABSOLUTELY! In fact, I’ll do you one better…

    Absolutely! In fact, when the New Order arises, I’d planned on being the Benevolent Leader and Enforcer of Aesthetic Standards, with an appropriate silver highbacked chair (floating), and I’ll be needing a Prime Henchperson (the not-so-shadowly and vastly powerful kind of Prime Henchperson) to stand just to my left while I forcibly drag humanity kicking and screaming into a new Golden Age of peace, brotherhood, sisterhood, crushing my enemies under my bootheel with kindness (you’ll know when it arrives because Jerry Bruckheimer won’t get to produce films anymore).

    Or, you know, I can be your Prime Henchperson. Whatever, man, I’m fine with it either way.

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