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And Now, Some More About Me!

Did several interviews and like things at San Diego this past July. One of the most enjoyable was with Evie Nagy for Publisher’s Weekly. It’s Queen & Country-centric, but if you’re curious, you can find the entire interview posted at the Awesomed By Comics blog.


3 Responses to And Now, Some More About Me!

  1. hdefined

    That was a freaking good interview.

    I’ve never read an interview before in which you describe how you perceive your own talent for writing strong and compelling female characters, so this answered a lot of my questions.

    I’m also surprised that your first submission for a Batman story was a Renee story. Well, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Greg, you bring variety and versatility to the books you touch, and I’m thankful you’ll be writing two upcoming series for DC next year.

  2. kozemp

    I am trying to think of a dull LeCarre adaptation and I am coming up with nothing. Though admittedly I have not seen The Russia House, if that’s what you meant.

    Actually for a guy who’s written so many damn books there really aren’t very many adaptations of them in the first place.

    Though doesn’t he have a new book coming out in the near future?

  3. lithera

    Well said.

    I know the reason I became a devoted fan was through his Wonder Woman writing.

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