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And coming soon in easy to swallow Mass Market Paperback…

I’m actually not certain what the release date is for the mass market edition of Patriot Acts, but my agent forwarded the cover today. It’s a subtle variation on the original hardcover version. I like it.

The EW blurb is kinda neat; always fun being compared to a swiss watch.

9 Responses to And coming soon in easy to swallow Mass Market Paperback…

  1. kali921

    Oh, I like that swanky EW blurb. Except that they didn’t capitalize “swiss”!

  2. insektmute

    Is that going to be a regular mass-market paperback or a softcover?

  3. admin

    It’s going to be the mass market paperback, of the small, we-did-the-hardcover-a-year-or-so-ago size. Suitable for stuffing in pockets and propping up wobbly tables.

  4. admin

    I wonder if that’s Bantam’s fault or EW’s.

  5. signifier

    It’s Bantam’s fault. Original review here:,,1120771,00.html

    In fact, Bantam seems to have made a bigger mistake: that’s a review of “Private Wars,” not “Patriot Acts”!

  6. admin

    Thanks for digging that out.

    And I’m not surprised that it’s a PW review, versus a PA one; PA didn’t get a whole lot of (positive) coverage, from what I gathered. *shrug*

  7. mercuryeric

    I blame the Swiss.


  8. jjgalahad

    Probably won’t be picking this up, on account of owing the hardcover, but I do love this cover design. The top three lines and silhouette make the whole thing really pop.

  9. oregonlion


    I’ll be looking for it eagerly. Been too long since my last dose of Kodiak-ness.

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