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And Another one from Wired

Say what you will about the magazine, I love their RSS feeds. Story seeds pop forth like corn kernels in hot oil.

As reported by Dave Bullock in the Multimedia blog, the search for Einstein’s theoretical gravity waves is kicking into high gear — and the bonus? LASERS!!!

Lasers two-point-five miles long!

I think that’s cool.

5 Responses to And Another one from Wired

  1. jonlaw

    Nothing like really big lasers! I wish I had the time to read all this stuff you find.

    As it is, I barely have time to read your blog.

    Very cool to get your take on things as always.

    Last of all, random fact I ran across last night (self indulgently): I have the review rated most helpful on Amazon for Death and the Maidens. Just wrote what I thought, but have some smug self satisfaction that others enjoyed it as much as I did.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

  2. dewline

    Four kilometres‽‽‽

  3. alryssa

    Now all this experiment needs is some sharks.

  4. supergodginrai

    Wired RSS feeds have their own tab on my iGoogle page, love it

  5. will_eslinger

    I loooove Wired magazine. it’s the only mag that I read all the way through each month.

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