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I go down to the office this morning to check email and the like. My office is in our basement, in what was once the “rumpus room.” Used to have a wet bar in it, built in the 50s, brass rail and all. Has a sink. I use the bar for storage and displaying far too many Star Wars action figures.

I have just downloaded email when I hear the unmistakable sound of water overflowing.

Yeah, you can guess the rest.

Waiting for the plumber now.

This day has just made its second dramatic turn, and it’s not yet 10 am.

3 Responses to AHHHH!!!

  1. lancescott


    Speaking as someone who still has nightmares about water dripping after a battle against leaks in his kitchen ceiling, I shudder in sympathy pain.

    - jamie

  2. mercuryeric

    Oh god.

    Get a dehumidifier in there as soon as the plumber finishes his ministrations — moisture + basement + books = huge must/mildew problem.

    That SUCKS, man.


  3. dewline

    Speaking of nightmare scenarios…

    …glad to learn in subsequent postings that yours resolved well enough. Hoping to avoid any such of my own…

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