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AHHHH!!! (redux)

Remember this?

Well, it happened again, except this time I wasn’t in the office when it happened, oh no, nobody gets that lucky twice. This time I’d been working upstairs for a couple of hours when I went down to the office to pick up a print-out, and lo and behold, there’s water EVERYWHERE. And it’s not just flooded my office, it’s spilled into the main work room in the basement, and saturated every square that Jen’s had laid out precisely for the quilt she’s working on.

Towels, plumbers, clean-up, nightmare. Fucking plumbers who we’ve used for YEARS, the same ones who came out and said they’d FIXED it last time, the same one who got thousands of our dollars when we did the basement remodel, they couldn’t send anyone out. Jen had to cycle through the Yellow Pages to find someone who could come and help.

And that’s where we are, now; the basement is half-flooded, my office is entirely flooded, and we’re waiting on a plumber.

I’m thinking the output for today on the work-front? Z. E. R. O.

11 Responses to AHHHH!!! (redux)

  1. davesbu

    oh dear…sorry to hear that Greg. Anyway, read that awesome interview you did at Mighty convenient that the O’Neill/Cowan Question trade comes out today. Coincidence? I think not. To the comic shop!

  2. kali921

    Sympathies offered.

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. That’s horribly stressful, and nothing beats waking up to dirty water in the basement. Do you have fans you can put in the basement to turn on and help dry it out, once the water is removed?

    Perhaps, when the problem is fixed, you might consider taking the other plumbers to small claims court to recover some of your losses? It sounds like they provided a level of service far below acceptable, and dammit, that’s what I’d do.

    You know, it’s at times like this when your friends show their true mettle. Floods and moving bring out the best or worst in your friends; it’s when you can sift out the friends that are hardcore committed to the friendship, because those are the friends that come over and help you dry out the basement! So, perhaps there’s a tiny silver lining in the black cloud of plumber incompetence and slimy water coating your basement floor?

    Sic Ronin on the bad plumbers! J’accuse!

  3. mercuryeric

    Oh, man.

    Profound sympathies, my bitter brother. That is a giant bucket of suck.

  4. coppervale

    Holy cow, Greg. That’s awful.

    Uh, would it help to tell you that your novels are getting their own shelf in the local bookstore? And (strangely enough) are being handsold by cross-promoting them with the GN’s… but are outselling the GN’s by four to one?

  5. dewline

    Aw HELL!!!

    {{{sympathy vibes}}}

  6. stealthbunny

    ACK! And loud words of the same ilk!

    And having tried to find a plumber in the phonebook on an emergency basis — not fun, done it. Was this at least during business hours?

    And poor Jen! I do fine embroidery — the kind on hand dyed fabric that costs about $30 for 1/4 yard, that’s irreplacable before a needle even touches it. I just can’t imagine finding a project …. muddied! Is any of it salvagable? Please pass on my empathies to her, too!

  7. alryssa

    Holy carp. That’s awful. My husband and I had our own share of plumbing disasters earlier this year that resulted in having to tear out our ancient kitchen ceiling, a two-inch thick plaster wall, and replacing 90% of the house plumbing in the process. The stress over that for us was insane (my husband works from home, so to have the basement flooded would be disastrous). It’s got to be ten times worse for you guys right now.

    If the fault is found to be with those plumbers’ work, give ‘em hell. On wheels.

  8. gabbicus

    Bummer!!! So! Sorry to hear that! :(



  9. nealbailey

    Greg, I’ve got experience with this kind of thing… if you haven’t done the following, I can probably get my ass down there and help you, if you want me to:

    1) Foundational french drains around the outside
    2) Sealant on the inside/outside that can be painted over to remove the smell
    3) If those two are done, silent sump deep around the basement…
    4) Yard trench french drain (doesn’t have to be unsightly)

    Or other stuff, case by case. You’d have to let me look at it, because I’ve had the same problems, and if I recall your house right, I may be able to solve them. And I’m free. Heh.

    Either way, believe me, I feel this damned pain and know how frustrating it is. The reason I don’t have my writing basement room right now is because I’ve done all but 3, and that’s happening after this summer. It’s killed most of the water, but then again, I’ve got a broken up cinder wall, and as I recall, you had straight-up concrete walls, right?

  10. jjgalahad

    Well, goddamn it, that certainly sucks. I hope things get dried out soon. I’m sending positive thoughts your way.

  11. fluidbeauty

    My sympathies

    I just went through a similar thing. I got the French drain and had water sealant put on all the walls like your friend Neil recommended.

    One thing you might want to consider is a home warranty company. You pay them an annual fee and they cover home repairs for certain items. Each time you need to call the, you pay a $55 service fee. They send out local contractors to do the work and regardless of when or how much work they do, it’s capped out at $55. If they need to come back to work on the same issue, there’s no charge.

    I’ve had it on two houses now and it’s a great way to manage the expense and to learn who the good and bad contractors in the neighborhood are. (We’ve actually only had good and average, I can’t imagine they’d send out bad contractors and stay in business).

    You do need to be careful which ones you get a contract with. Do a search and find the names of places, then do a search with the name of the company and “review” as the keywords. You may find reviews at sites like ripoffreport or other similar ones.

    I’ve been using American Home Shield for 4 years and except when they couldn’t come through for me this past Labor Day weekend when we had flooding, they’ve been very helpful. (They couldn’t find anyone to come out to our house during a holiday weekend. I went with a plumber out of their network and they wound up reimbursing me). The annual fee for them is about $500.

    Good luck and sympathies to Jen. I’ve lost paintings I’ve done to the same thing and it’s painful.

    Hope this helps.

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