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Affable World

From the Wired “Underwire” blog, Michael Palin celebrates the 20th Anniversary of his “Around the World in 80 Days” trip.

Seriously, this guy is one of my heroes.

6 Responses to Affable World

  1. jonlaw

    Michael Palin is amazing.

  2. stealthbunny

    Now that I’ve crawled out from under a stunningly horrible last ten days of eBay and Paypal madness to blink around at the rest of the world… um… Did I miss Chapter 5?? There was a Chapter 4… I definately remember a Chapter 4… and a promise of Chapter 5… and then my life zipped into blindingly whathafu–? confusion, and … um…um…

  3. jonlaw

    I had been trying to patiently ignore the fact that there was yet no chapter 5. After all, Greg has a lot on his plate. He is a busy family man and artist. The elections were very distracting. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

    So, to put it more pointedly, WE NEED CHAPTER 5.

    Because I like being impaled on an even more pointed cliff hanger for six months than I already am. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. odessasteps

    I hope we get a Ninja Warrior post tonight or tomorrow night.

  5. admin

    Probably won’t be until next week; I’m crushed under a deadline at the moment, and won’t have time to watch it for a few days. I have high hopes for Levi!

  6. odessasteps

    looking forward to the write-up whenever it is.

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