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Adventures in Driving

We’re driving to San Francisco today. From Fresno. In a Ford Taurus. With a CD player. But no cassette deck. So no way to plug in the iPod. And we have no CDs.

But we DO have two children, and boy oh boy is this gonna be fun.

17 Responses to Adventures in Driving

  1. hero_writer

    They make adapters that broadcast to FM car radios. Admittedly, they aren’t cheap — about $80-$120, if I recall correctly. Saw them at Best Buy here in Illinois. (They plug into a car cigarette lighter for power, or at least the ones I saw did.)

    Just a thought . . . .

  2. lithera

    Sounds like it is time for an emergency CD stop.

    Or hoping to find a really good radio station.

  3. brannonb

    Heh. I got to SF last Saturday. I’m in a corporate apartment in the Financial District now. What brings you to SF?

  4. kali921

    Yay! As a native San Franciscan and proud resident of Baghdad by the Bay, you need to remember to sing “San Francisco, open your Golden Gate, don’t make a stranger wait by your door,” etc. as soon as you get within one mile. It’s a tradition.

  5. nealbailey

    What’s going down? A con? Either way, good luck.

  6. supergodginrai

    no access to a cd burner ?
    If there’s an FYE close, sometimes they have the burning stations.

  7. jjgalahad

    Hey! Nice icon!

  8. jjgalahad

    Time to teach them the limited joys of license plate bingo, I Spy and “The First Person To Talk Loses”.

  9. nealbailey

    Agreed. Reminds me of the time I dressed up in a Superman suit and wrecked up a bar before destroying an oil tanker.

  10. jjgalahad

    That was you? Everybody’s been blaming me for that! Not cool, man. Not cool.

    People on have taken this icon I made and modified with things like “This looks like a job for . . . ALCOHOL!/JIM BEAN!/SUPERBOOZE!” etcetera. Me, I’ve officially titled it “It’s Been That Kind of Year”.

  11. stealthbunny

    When I think of the number of times my parents dragged me across country in the back seat of a car as a kid… I can’t even remember how many times, although I do remember once doing it at about 10 years of age sharing the back of a Datsun 210 with an ice chest and a doberman who was determined to have more than her fair share of the seating arrangement. I spent most of the trip sleeping on top of the dog…. anyway, I survived all those, without even a tape deck. Even when my father had to take off the door of our Buick to rescue my Princess Leia action figure when she ended up down the seat belt well. And my parents, remarkably enough, also survived.

    Lots of books. Lots and lots and lots of books. And for the love of little green apples, NO SUGAR!

    I’m Cammie Lufkin, by the way, from York, although no one ever calls me that anymore, and you may not even remember me anyway, in which case, it doesn’t matter. :)

  12. admin

    Haven’t actually had good luck with those, but as it turned out, we were able to keep the wee ones distracted with a laptop and DVDs of Avatar: Season 1.

    Surprisingly good show, that.

  13. admin

    Nothing nearly as cool as you’re reason for being there, from what I understand.

    My father received a lifetime achievement award for spending 41 years fighting the good fight. I’ll most likely post an elaboration in the next couple of days.

  14. admin

    Yeah… have you ever tried that second one with a 4 year old? That game lasts about — I shit you not — four seconds, if she’s feeling charitable.

  15. admin

    CAMMIE! Hello! All praise to the interweb for its ability to draw out people from the past! Hope you’re doing well — it’s nice to hear from you!

    In the grand scheme, the trip was practically painless. The dead zone between Fresno and…well, frankly, San Francisco, was what had me worried, but the kids seemed to understand that Dad was not in the mood to play referee, so it worked out fine.

  16. jjgalahad

    Ooh, no and sorry to hear it. I wasn’t aware of the ages of your little ones. Glad to hear you found salvation in the form of DVDs and a laptop, tho’.

  17. stealthbunny

    Lookie at that! I’m memberable! Hee! Meh, things could be worse, could be a hell of a lot better. We’ll have to figure out a way to play catch-up that won’t bore other folks in a comments forum thingie ;) I mean, lookit you! Books, kids…! Me, I’ve … um… got a rabbit! ahem….

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