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Addiction is a horrible thing

My laptop’s in the shop.

I am without my laptop.

My wife says I can use her laptop, but it’s not the same.

It’s just…it’s not the same.

Productivity? Shot to hell.

Enthusiasm for work? Likewise in absentia.

Kinda pathetic, innit?

16 Responses to Addiction is a horrible thing

  1. speakerwiggin

    I feel your pain. When my tower broke I was lost – I got used to my new lappy and now I want to use nothing else – I fear it’s eventual death.

  2. sd6

    I go through the same thing with underwear. When mine is out of service, I’m forced to use my wife’s. Never the same.


  3. jeffrey

    I love my wife, but I hate using her computer. Her brain works differently and things are organized differently (or not at all… ha!) and it just doesn’t work. It’d be like someone completely rearranging your desk.

    “Dammit, I had the cup of pens on the left side for a reason! If you put them on the right I will never find them! AaaaaHHHH!”


  4. hero_writer

    Right there with you, sir. My muse lives in MY laptop. Not someone else’s laptop, not the desktop — she’s in MY laptop.

    (Getting her out of the old one and into this new one was NOT a chore for the faint of heart, I assure you!)

    Hopefully, yours will be repaired swiftly. For the sake of your comic fans, as well as those of us who don’t want to wait so long as last time for another Atticus novel!

  5. neodragonstar

    I’m not cool enough to have a laptop, but I feel your pain.

    I’ll have like a big day of running errands planned or something, and then one little thing will go wrong and I’ll just be like “Well screw it, that ruins the whole day” and then just lay around the house all day.

    It’s the little things in life, no?

  6. incogvito

    not really. My desktop died earlier in the year and it took me a while before I could afford a new computer (ended up getting a MacBook). How’d I hit my deadlines and continue working?

    By using the computers at Hanley’s. I would come in an hour early and stay an hour late. Thankfully, I backed everything up on my iPod and other flash drives. It sucked, but I got that work done.

    I’m sure you’ll be just as resourceful. Just don’t go to a cyber cafe and pay for it.

  7. sd6

    Is that the sexy Vito Delsante?

  8. incogvito


  9. sd6

    Hey there. It’s the slightly sexier Brandon Jerwa.

    (Who does not usually hijack other people’s LJs for interpersonal communication. Especially a trained killer like Air Marshal Rucka.)

    Just saying hello.

  10. lancescott

    Nah. I experienced the same thing a couple of weeks ago when I needed my cd drive replaced. Working on old laptop, I found all the small differences, the habits I was used to being gone, maddening.

  11. stealthbunny

    I had one of the very first Compaq notebooks, back when the 486s were just coming out. It was the first one off the truck. Well, actually, that one had to go back, so it was the first one off the second truck. At a time when “portable” computers were at LEAST ten pounds, this one was less than five. It went everywhere with me. Man, did I put out some great writing on that l’il guy.

    Simply put, Chibi kicked ass.

    No other computer, laptop or notebook has ever been the same. No personality to them at all.

    I still have Chibi, though. :)

  12. kali921

    Here, have some awesome to inspire you!

    Poor Greg, banished to the spouse’s laptop.

    Here, have some awesome to inspire you!

    Awesome Japanese mavericks Tokyo Jihen doing the new song ‘Osca.’ This video folds, spindles, and mutilates awesome into something beyond recognition. It’s so meta, and the video has hilarious homages to old Devo and a ton of other things. Plus, Shina Ringo has such a great voice; when she cuts loose she reminds me of Nina Hagen.

    And, because Japanese monsters make everything better, here’s a short clip from Godzilla: Final Wars, aka the Godzilla film that actually had good acting and PLOT AND a total all out multiple-monster smackdown mega-brawl. I think this clip has the bit where King Caesar (oh, Japan!) roundhouse kicks someone so hard that they achieve escape velocity.

    Another awesome video from the Japanese band Gazette. Gazette’s one of those bands that gleefully crashes four or five genres into one song and occasionally puts out a total winner, proving that yes, five very pretty boys in eyeliner and black pleather tuxedos can ROCK THE FUCK OUT. This is one of those examples. Plus, it’s a total and excellent send up of Peter Greenaway, featuring outrageous art direction, eldritch shambling, Frida Kahlo fetishism, sock fetishism, and someone getting brained with a pineapple.

    (There’s bonus material in this post, too, if you scroll down, where Kieron Gillen of Phonogram fame brings Chris Harms (editor of Australian music mag Rave) to my journal, where he turns down my offer of marriage, and then random Finns and Norwegians show up to defend Scandi-pop. I’m still a little unclear as to why Finns and Norwegians happened, but such are the vicissitudes of LiveJournal!)

  13. mercuryeric

    I thought you seemed a little “extra fidgety” this morning.


  14. mercuryeric

    Not at all, not since you’ve been liberated from the tyranny of Windows.

    Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.



  15. alryssa

    It’s not unlike having a limb rather rudely chopped off. I mean, you have your machine, and it’s set up just so, with all those little things you put on it and then you’re forced to use a substitute and nothing’s where you want it and your stuff that makes life livable is all on the other machine which makes you cranky …

    Not that I’ve been there or anything.

  16. davesbu

    no…makes perfect sense. I can’t get anything done without my laptop.

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