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Adam Sessler’s Much More Mass Effective

The inanity surrounding nookie in Mass Effect has well played out by now, but I’m slow, and only just encountered this.

I’m liking G4 more and more these days, and Sessler and Morgan Webb are just two of the many reasons. I like G4′s exuberant, gleeful immaturity (and I really do mean that as a wonderful thing — there’s a reason my 8-year old son believes that “butt” is the funniest word in the world. He’s right. It is. Just say it aloud. Go on, say it. Say it six times in a row.) and I like their ability to take seriously those things that I’d like to see given their fair shake. C’mon, they’ve got Blair Butler regularly reviewing comics.

And while Unbeatable Banzuke isn’t Ninja Warrior (suffering, as it does, from the lack of All Things Nagano), it is thoroughly entertaining in much the same “how do they DO that?” way.

Back to Mass Effect. G4 also has this little tidbit about the new DLC for the game. I’d be very interested in seeing BiowWare continue providing this kind of downloadable content as a bridge between this first game and the sequel.

7 Responses to Adam Sessler’s Much More Mass Effective

  1. electricvinyl

    Blair Butler also does the comic reviews in Geek Monthly (cough shameless plug cough) magazine. She’s awesome.

    I wish I had a 360 to try Mass Effect and see what all the hype is about.

  2. hdefined

    No no no no no. Sessler’s okay, but the hosts of Attack of the Show couldn’t be more obnoxious, and I get the feeling that the women on the show don’t like games so much as they wear enough makeup and get paid well enough to tolerate what they do.

    I love games, and I’ve never found a good reason to turn on G4.

  3. admin

    You’ll note I didn’t actually mention Attack of the Show. :)

  4. speakerwiggin

    I love that magazine.

  5. devilman145

    I also hope Bioware continues to deliver content to bridge the gaps. I know that novelizations are popular, but I’d love all future developments to be handled in-game unless ME2 is a direct continuation of where we leave off in #1.

    Sessler is a pretty cool guy. Other than his battle with Jack Thompson on tv, where he seemed to vent ever ounce of frustration against Thompson, I think he’s a pretty enjoyable on screen persona.

  6. hdefined

    Okay then. =)

    Actually, I liked that clip more than I expected to. It’s a little obnoxious, but he makes enough worthwhile points that I’d watch another.

  7. jared465

    I can’t wait for the DLC. The fact that new races are being brought in is excellent. It will be interesting to see how the new content fits into the narrative at the end of the game.

    I also want to go back and play Jade Empire. I missed that the first time around. I’d like to play the Bioware KOTOR stuff too, but as you may or may not be able to recall, i just can’t deal with the Star Wars stuff.

    Are you planning on grabbing Lost Odyssey? Just curious.

    I’m of two minds with G4. I too really dig the Sess (it is quite fun to see someone so emotional and exuberant), and I actually like Kevin Ferrera (sp?) although AOTS overall is pretty hurtful. I cut my cable back a little while ago (tired of dropping $120+ for TV and web) so i haven’t seen full shows in awhile, but have been keeping up on the generous amount of podcasts G4 has thru itunes……

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