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Action Comics 875


24 Responses to Action Comics 875

  1. spooky_lemur

    Wait…so Batman does need a suit in space? ; p

    Nice artwork!

  2. admin

    No, Batman’s so bad-ass space wouldn’t dare mess with him. :D

  3. rainjax

    So you’re saying Chuck Norris is going to win the Battle for the Cowl? ;-)

  4. lithera



    I’m actually going to buy a Superman title. How very strange.

    And I have to say that hearing Bette will be in Detective made me do a happy dance.

  5. dewline

    In a more serious vein…

    He’s gotten by with everything from NASA and STAR loaners to custom suits from his own ‘Cave shop over the decades.

    I won’t be surprised to see Wayne Aerospace mass-producing them anytime soon, though. Between planetary defence, space tourism, and assorted other issues…?

    It’s coming.

  6. dewline

    Did Chuck know he was even in the running?

  7. dewline

    I’ve liked reading about the current version of Bette ever since she was introduced. Under-used, and I hope she’s not considered editorially expendable.

  8. sweetdragon

    Wait…so Batman does need a suit in space

    I’m gonna have to be the buzzkill and point out that that’s Kryptonian Nightwing, aren’t I?

  9. lucky_sometimes

    Love the art. Really has an ambience.

    Nightwing-K rocking the bat-pouches, and a slightly more sensible spacesuit than Flamebird, there.

  10. ajpursell

    so many goggles.

  11. lithera

    I agree entirely. While she started off as a silly almost fangirl stalker, her re-invention in the Beast Boy mini was awesome. That Geoff Johns guy might have a future in this or something.

    *crosses fingers*

  12. spooky_lemur

    Sorry, I’m not a regular DC reader so my bad I guess. = ]

  13. spooky_lemur

    Chuck Norris is so bad ass he doesn’t need to know he’s in the running.

  14. sd6

    Chuck Norris is not in the running for the cowl.

    The cowl is in the running for Chuck Norris.

  15. morlock


  16. hdefined

    The cowl is running FROM Chuck Norris.

  17. hdefined

    Hey, Ms. Marvel is Binary again!

  18. darkesword

    The goggles. They do noth–

    Oh forget it.

  19. darkesword


    Looks great. Can’t wait for the Nightwing/Flamebird stuff to start.

  20. the_fallen_

    Looks so pretty. :)

  21. jrwells

    Very nice. I am very excited to see what is ahead for the Supertitles.

  22. supergodginrai

    Looks cool.
    Side note: not sure if anyone informed you that you’re quote in the recent Newsweek. On the Perspective page (pg 23), the quote is “Yes, she’s a lesbian. She’s also a redhead.”

    My wife got a hold of it before me and came to bed last night and told me “Greg Rucka is quote in Newsweek, I left it on the table for you to see.”

    More points for my wife who knows and remembers who my favorite authors are :) .

  23. jjgalahad


    Seriously, though, this cover is absolutely lovely. I’m very much looking forward to reading your all of your new DCU books, even if I may need some Cliff Notes for the Action Comics stuff.

  24. likeabear2hunny

    “Up and at them!”

    No, “Up and Atom!”

    “Up and at them!”

    “Up and Atom!

    “Up and at them!”


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