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Action 876 Previewed

Again, from the brand-spankin’-new blog, The Source, courtesy of Alex Segura and DC Comics. Preview pages from Action Comics 876. Pages are out of order, but they’re still very pretty!

20 Responses to Action 876 Previewed

  1. kozemp

    Hey, those ARE pretty. Well-directed too, if you know what I mean.

    Out of left field: at ECCC, was the bit about Waid and Superman really as contentious as the CBR report makes it sound? I have a hard time believing so.

  2. admin

    Of course it wasn’t.

    In the face of no news, crafting mountains out of mole-hills is always an option, it seems.

  3. captain_slinky

    I was there, dude… you seemed legitimately and justifiably *PISSED*. And that’s coming from somebody who knows you as well as a casual internet blogger can casually know you through nothing more than the occasional LJ post!

    Taken OUT of context, it sounded like you might have “HATE WAID” tattooed on your knuckles as you work out in your basement.

    But in the context of the wacky-nutty DC Panel where arguments can break out at any moment about where comics are printed? Well, it was still a bit of a show stopper. Is “Vendettaish” a word? “Vendetty”?

  4. lithera

    I hope your trip home was uneventful and no one picked up any con bugs.

  5. admin

    Oh, I was pissed, but certainly not at Mark.

    What you saw and heard was me being defensive on DC’s part, to someone who was asking a question about something they knew NOTHING about. Which is something that happens a lot (I heard, for example, that Mike and Dan took it on the chin on Sunday from someone who maintained that the whole Batwoman thing was “exploitative” — and this from someone who has NO WAY of knowing what we’ve been doing for the past two years on this project, nor what the book is going to be when it comes out; this is a different subject, but on the matter of Detective, seriously, every single person involved has been working night and day to make this the best thing we’ve ever collectively produced, and yet here’s someone who has already passed judgment on the character, the story, and DC’s intentions before they’ve ever even read the damn thing.


    So yeah, I totally snarked, and I cop to it. But for CBR, or anyone, to extrapolate from that a conclusion that Mark and I aren’t getting along, don’t like each other, or anything else is completely groundless. Mark remains a friend, as well as one of the most talented people this industry has ever seen. I take great pride in my friendship with him, in fact.

  6. admin

    So far, we’re all healthy. You survived well?

    BTW, I wish you’d come by once more. I had a panel with Bette in it to show you! (She has FABULOUS hair. Seriously!)

  7. kozemp

    I would not presume to speak for Greg, but I would wager that if he sounded pissed it was more at the question than the answer.

    Again, not speaking for Greg, but one belief I know he and I share is that the behind-the-scenes actions of other professionals is not an acceptable subject for public discourse.

  8. lithera

    I’m coughing a bit this morning but I’m crediting that to the weather finally shifting to spring. ‘Tis the season for allergies, though I’ll suffer it gladly for some nice weather for a change.

    GAH! I would have loved to have seen the fabulousness. *shakes her fist in the air* Curses! It seems I shall have to wait. Until like… September or such.

  9. kozemp

    I typed my response while Greg was typing his. Did I hit that one dead on the stick or what?

    (For those unsure, that is a golf metaphor…)

  10. admin

    Spot on, man.

  11. admin

    It’ll be worth it, promise!

  12. captain_slinky

    Gotcha… and in hind site with just a bit of clarification from you, it all makes sense. Doesn’t change the perception, though… for me and apparently many other folks sitting in that room, it seemed that you were just maybe an *inch* away from ripping off your sleeves and telling Mark Waid to “Bring It”. What *are* you gonna do when Ruckamania runs wild all over you, Mark Waid?

  13. captain_slinky

    Whoa… are you *sure* you’re not speaking for Greg? That was kinda eerie :)

  14. admin

    It kinda was, wasn’t it? :D

  15. kozemp

    Truly, I know this man BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF! Or at least as well as I know myself as regards this one thing.

    But seriously, creators (in any medium) bitching on other creators in public is one of those things that makes me barking mad. You might as well just hang a sign around your neck that says “I have no class.”

  16. lithera

    I don’t doubt it at all. The art looks gorgeous from what I’ve already seen.

  17. lithera


    I would probably pay money to see that.

  18. edkaye

    Hi Greg, it was good to finally meet you at ECCC yesterday. It seemed that every time I passed your table, you weren’t there, and when I did find you, I picked quite a bad time. I said hello, and began to chat to you, but you were pulled away by your kids. After a few minutes I wandered away. I hope you don’t think I was being rude by walking off. It was Sunday afternoon, and I could see that you had had a long, busy weekend, and I didn’t want to stand there and look like an obnoxious fanboy :)

    This year at ECCC was my first time at a large U.S. convention, and I was so unorganized and overwhelmed. I hope to see you again next year, be able to pick a better time, and not be so frazzled from lack of sleep :)

    I hope you, your wife, and your kids all had a great show!


    Ed Kaye

  19. admin

    Ed, I am SO sorry I didn’t have more focus and wasn’t able to give you more time. I felt quite badly when I realized you’d moved on.

    I sincerely hope you’ll give me another chance next time we’re at a show!

  20. edkaye

    Oh, no problem at all! I felt bad for moving on, but I didn’t want to impose upon you guys. I know how busy these things get, and by Sunday afternoon, I was running in zombie mode anyway. The conversation would probably have gone, “Greg, you’re awesome, I love your stuff”… nervous lull :)

    Next con, I’ll have to make sure I get MUCH more sleep :)

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