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A Rare Thing

J.G. Jones has confirmed that he won’t be drawing the last issue of Final Crisis, and like the extraordinary gentleman he is, he’s taking the blame, even though the blame is not entirely his to shoulder.

He does not point a finger at others. He does not prevaricate or excuse himself. He kept his comments, as such, to a minimum.

This is called professionalism.

More people should have it.

18 Responses to A Rare Thing

  1. kozemp

    Are there rumors/innuendos/whisperings that I am not aware of? I’ve been off the monthly comics train for a little while now, so it seems like I’m missing something here…

    I’m not asking anyone to reveal scuttlebutt or anything, just wondering if there IS scuttlebutt.

  2. lithera

    I’ve never found him to be anything other than a very friendly, professional and kind man the times I’ve had the chance to chat with him. The last time he was at the Seattle show, he did a great sketch for me and then refused to allow me to pay for it because he felt it wasn’t his best work.

    Not that I was anything less than thrilled with it.

  3. roseseule

    And it also isn’t filled with a bunch of insider gossip or other extraneous stuff. The “behind the scenes” stuff is none of the consumer’s business, and I like that it’s just a simple announcement, rather than a series of interviews, drama and fan-ish stuff.

    Makes thing seem like there are adults in charge.

  4. oilyrags

    So, if (as I’ve been theorizing) the Final Crisis is actually the same as the Financial Crisis, this is an art credit default swap, right?

  5. jeditigger

    You and I have discussed before how we think JG is kindness incarnate. I love his work, too.

  6. thatnickguy

    I think that’s a good definition of manning up or owning up. It’s a shame, too, because I think that’s going to break some of the artistic momentum that the series had going. Infinite Crisis suffered a similar fate with Jiminez toward the end but that still wound up looking good because there were still some top notch artists at the helm.

    I like Mahnke’s work, but it doesn’t jive to the same style as Jones. His tends to me more exaggerated and Jones is more quasi-realistic. This doesn’t bode well for the final issue, in my opinion.

  7. admin

    Not at all. I simply am applauding Jeff for being the consummate professional he always is. It’s nice to see, and I felt it should be noted.

    There’s nothing nefarious here – I just like J.G. a hell of a lot, I think he’s an extraordinary talent, and this just makes me respect him all the more.

  8. kozemp

    I don’t mean to cast aspersions – obviously there is SOME reason JG isn’t finishing a big-time premier book, but like you I give the guy a lot of credit for just stepping up taking it on the chin.

    One of the first things I learned working in the arts is that you never, ever, ever, EVER take a shot at another professional in public. As you say, it would be nice if more people acted thus…

  9. kozemp

    And, though maybe it’s a little creative-politics-y for the general public, Jones’ “the guy covering my ass is better than me anyway” bit is a nice touch. Mahnke has to be in a tough spot and a gesture like that goes a long way. Or at least it should.

  10. gabbicus

    I meant him at Emerald C.C. several years ago, when Wanted was just first coming out. I told him I just wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed his work, and that was all. He graciously spoke with me for a bit, and signed a poster for me. From that point on, I was a fan for life. The fact that he is SUCH A GREAT artist is wonderful, too. But, I wish more creatives would treat their fans in such a way. I have never heard him be anything less than gracious, so it doesn’t surprise me that he would handle this situation in this way.

  11. the_fallen_

    JG is a true gentleman and a great guy, I wish him the best and sad to see that this happened. I remember hearing him fall ill during when the project first got jump started so its sad to hear that he isn’t able to finish it at all.

    Fanboys will call for his head but you know what? He’s doing the right thing here. I’d love to one day see him finish the series and have it rerelased with his work as I think it would do extremely well.

    I really think the fanbase online needs to stop attacking creators so much as its really in bad form. I wish JG the best in the future and will be picking up stuff he works on. Glad you posted this greg, sad to hear that it wasn’t a mistake in the solicits though.

  12. odessasteps

    I’d like to think that reasonable people will be disappointed with the circumstances and not just play the blame game, whether it’s at Jones, the book’s editor, Didio or DC as an entity.

    It’s too bad the whole project was too fluid to be done with enough leadtime for everyone involved to do their best work without any lateness issues.

  13. hhbx

    Have to admit that this is pure professionalism by Jones that rarely is seen..well..really anywhere let alone comics. It seems like with DC’s rep among the more critical fans he could have just stayed quiet and most of the blame would have fell on DC/Didio.

    Heard he was a very nice guy before, but damn this makes me want to support him even more in anything he chooses to do next without blinking.

  14. bluebeetlev3

    I’ll have to make it a point to shake JG Jones hand and say “Thank You” the next time I see him at a convention.

    Thanks for the link, Greg, I hadn’t heard of this yet.

  15. adam_0oo

    And now I know what the first letter in JG stands for.

  16. admin

    Shhh!!! Don’t tell anyone!

  17. admin

    Yeah, I noted that, too. Very classy, and very gracious.

  18. gailsimone1

    It’s a weird but wonderful thing that most of the industry’s best talents are also incredibly gracious and kind and humble. I had the good fortune to work with the legendary Jose Louis Garcia Lopez on a six-issue JLA story and he simply seems incapable of accepting a compliment, regardless of the fact that he to this day is in the small handful of best artists in the industry’s history.

    I agree with Greg, here. J.G. is always unfailingly polite, generous, and a pleasure to be around. I get a smile on my face every time I see him, even beyond the fact that the guy has the glory of heaven in his pencil.

    I don’t know what happened with FC at all, but J.G. is simply one of my favorite people ever.

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