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A Little Dusty

But if you clear it away, it does, in fact, appear to be a blog.

I’ve not much to say. The Punisher news broke. The Eisner news broke, and came as much as a surprise to me as I’m sure it did to Matthew Southworth and Michael Lark. The pleasure of comics is the collaboration, for me, and I continue to be blessed with outstanding collaborators. Other projects are developing that I Am Not Allowed To Talk About Yet.

In the spirit of attempting to put some utility to this blog, I’m posting the following – the complete script to the story “Post Mortem,” which appeared in I Am an Avenger, Issue #2. It’s in PDF, and I provide it mostly as a curiosity, so one can see – first of all – how I script, and – far more importantly – that in the realm of comics, I am one but cog in a much larger machine. The machine, in this instance, included not only myself and Michael Lark, but crucially Stefano Gaudiano, Matt Hollingsworth, Travis Lanham, Alejandro Arbona, and Steve Wacker, and those are just the credited names.

That’s what you can’t see in reading a script, and what is so often overlooked in reading a comic book. That is, to me, the magic of the medium; the alchemy that allows the creation of a story, of a piece of art, that can genuinely become more than the sum of its parts.

It goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – that the characters herein are copyright of Marvel Comics, etc, etc.

Make with the right-clicky-download-here-yada-yada if you want a copy of the Post_Mortem_script.

12 Responses to A Little Dusty

  1. David C. Lascelle

    Thanks for this Greg. I totally agree with what you say about comics being a medium that REQUIRES complete collaboration across the whole creative team to maximize impact.

    Looking forward to your Punisher run and thanks again for Queen and Country & introducing me to The Sandbaggers.


  2. Evan

    He speaks!!!
    I know you have been busy, but it is good to see some traffic here from you and to be able to congratulate you one again on the things that you are allowed to tell about. Hope you will have more soon. Looking forward to perusing the script.


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  4. Mxy

    Thanks for posting that! It always amazes me to see how pros can cover so much story with an average of five panels per page. I usually end up struggling to keep it under eight.

    Also, I thought we only had H(J)orodowskys here in Chile.

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  7. Jiggy Cruz

    Dear Mr. Rucka,

    I just have to write to you. I got my copy of STUMPTOWN last weekend and I read it from cover to cover last night. I think it’s your best yet! Fell in love with Dex! I think she’s awesome! LOVED EVERY PAGE! Hope you continue writing more of Dex! :) Congrats on the Eisner Nod! Hope you win!

  8. Brian Salinas

    Mr. Rucka,
    Thanks for posting the script, it is hard to really nail down a format to use when writing comics. i have been using several different formats when writing my comic, and using the old Marvel method doesn’t help since i am doing all the art myself. congrats on the Eisner nod.

  9. Eric Bass

    I’ve read, and re-read Post Mortem, and I shamefully admit to having only read a few of your DC titles. Having read Whiteout now, and few other things, I am now fully convinced, I want to be like you when I grow up.

    All asskissery aside, I’m a brand new fan and will now go out and buy your novels, because 16-22 pages in one sitting, just ain’t enough anymore. Thank you Mr. Rucka.

  10. Rogerio

    Thanks Mr. Rucka.

    You are very talented. I love Stumptown and Q&C.

    Missing your Black Widow too…

  11. Farshid P

    I stumbled upon your post looking for comic book scripts to read and found yours to be very well written.

    Definitely worth a praise or two …

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