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A HEROic Endeavor

It seems Eric Newsom, webmaster of all things Question found himself the recipient of not one, but two of the mysteriously appearing Montoya Journals. And being a wise, kind-hearted, and socially responsible kind of guy, he’s auctioning one of them on eBay. All profits are to go to The Hero Initiative.

Which is a damn good cause, as far as causes in general go, and comics-related causes in particular.

As of this writing, the bid is at $26.00. Six days to go.

As to less heroic endeavors, things here have settled since last week’s kerfuffle. I’m marshaling energy to re-enter the writing fray; the goal is to finish one script by Wednesday, and a second by Friday. I may be being a tad unrealistic, but if you don’t have your dreams, what else have you got, right?

More as it comes.

8 Responses to A HEROic Endeavor

  1. thecomicman

    It’s a $41 now. If this thing doesn’t sell for at least $300, I will eat my Green Lantern baseball cap.

  2. moonandserpent

    montoya sure gets around

    Thought you might be interested: Real Graffiti in Bloomington, Indiana.

  3. nealbailey

    I just bid it up to 75, and was promptly automatically outbid. I’m totally tapped out, but I’d kill to get my hands on one of those things. Curses.

    If you don’t have your dreams, you work too much. Get some sleep. Har. Okay. That doesn’t even get a rimshot.

  4. aylara

    Re: montoya sure gets around

    Ah, my alma mater.

    Viral marketing, I heart you.

  5. admin

    Re: montoya sure gets around

    That’s fantastic! Who took the shot? Is there a larger context one?

    I’m delighted by the cool!!

  6. electricvinyl

    Oooooo Shiny!

    I’m currently the high bid at $100, but I have no doubt that it won’t last. ^_^

  7. moonandserpent

    Re: montoya sure gets around

    I took it last month. It’s in an alley behind a bank in downtown Bloomintgon, Indiana. There’s a context shot, but I need to find the SD card it’s on.

  8. editor_lass

    *whistles* I do owe myself a Chanukah present…. Watching with a covetous eye, now!

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