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A Fistful of Rain (2003)

A Fistful of Rain Cover

A Fistful of Rain Cover

Twenty-six-year-old guitarist Mim Bracca’s rock band, Tailhook, sends her home to dry and out and get her head back in the game. She figures they’re firing her but it won’t last—if they lose her, they lose their sound. Mim’s barely hit town before she becomes tabloid fodder and in a very nasty way. With a father in jail and a drug-dealing brother, Mim needs the strength to solve her own problems.

While not a Kodiak story (in fact, Greg’s agent and editor have both called it “the story of someone who desperately needs Atticus and Company, and doesn’t have them”), it is set in the same “world” as the Kodiak novels with a few, minor, cross-over characters. The novel’s title comes from the song of the same name, by Warren Zevon.

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Release information

Bantam US hardcover: July 2003 055380135X
Bantam US mass-market paperback: February 2004 0553581821
Bantam US e-book (Adobe Reader): July 2003 B0000B18H4
Bantam US e-book (Microsoft Reader): July 2003 B0000B18H5


Rucka, author of five other thrillers, knows how to create and sustain suspense.
—Publisher’s Weekly

Rucka has already written a fistful of successful novels, but this may be his most memorable so far.

Rucka brings the same cinematic storytelling, sharp plot twists, and quirky characterizations to A Fistful of Rain that have won his Atticus Kodiak novels praise. His portrayal of Mim Bracca is thoughtfully nuanced, her credibility as a heroine drawn from her weaknesses, rather than cobbled together from unexpected strengths.