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Archive for June, 2011

USA Today talks to Greg, previews Punisher

Art by Marco Checchetto

Art by Marco Checchetto

Brian Truitt at USA Today talked to Greg about his approach to the Punisher, and provided a look at Marco Checchetto’s art for the series. Here’s a taste:

Rucka also wants the first issue to show what the Punisher is like in the Marvel Universe right now, particularly the power and potency of the character. Villains have to account much more for him than, say, Spider-Man or Daredevil because — of those guys — the Punisher’s the one literally gunning for them.
“The best Punisher stories are the ones where the bad guys are at least smart enough to make him have to work up a sweat before he’s able to deliver that last bullet,” Rucka says.