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Archive for October, 2010

Rucka Debrief now up at Word Balloon

Art by Tim Sale

John Siuntres has posted the latest in his regular series of talks with Greg for his podcast, Word Balloon. The interview comes in two parts and John describes each thusly:

Part One

On this episode of Word Balloon, we begin a 2 part conversation with Greg Rucka. Today his new Queen And Country novel THE LAST RUN from Bantam Books is out, and next week, Greg will begin a multi city tour promoting the book….

We talk about the book and where the Q&C series goes after the novel as Greg calls this story “The end of Q&C volume 1.”

Greg also discusses his departure earlier this year from DC Comics, explaining why he left, and what projects are in the near and distant future. You’ll hear his thoughts on the future of Characters he’s created like Batwoman, and Renee Montoya.

Part Two

On This episode of Word Balloon, it’s part 2 of The Rucka Debrief. Writer Greg Rucka talks more about his upcoming novel series for Mullholland Books, Alpha. You’ll hear about the digital plans for Greg’s Oni books, we also hear about Greg’s “passion project” American Soldier with artist Rick Burchett, and we look back at Greg’s art collaborators on the Queen and Country Comic Series, and answer more of your questions.

One word of caution. Being the political news junkies Greg and yours truly are, the conversation turned to the coming mid-term elections, not in specifics but the general idea that we live in a highly partisan environment. The discussion came up inspired by a listener asking about where Rucka gets his news.


First event for The Last Run was tonight at Portland’s Murder by the Book, and it was delightful. Big thank yous to everyone who came out for the signing, and again to those of you who heeded my plea in the last post here and called the store to order your books. Books were signed, bookplates were included, and you did a good thing.

I will reiterate: if you’re looking to buy the book, and you’re looking for a signed and/or personalized copy, I urge you to contact any of the stores listed on the Appearances Page and order through them. I will gladly inscribe your book, personalize it as you wish, and will include a bookplate there and then.

Now, to a minor matter of protocol for those who are wondering.

Folks often ask if it’s appropriate to bring comics for me to sign at these events, and frequently, when they do bring them, they wonder how many is “too many.” This has come up before, but I realized tonight that I’ve never made my policy, so to speak, clear upon the matter. There is some confusion. It is understandable. Those who read my novels, those who read my comics, and those who read both, this is for you.

The answer is: if I wrote it, I will sign it. Simple as that. If you want to bring your entire run of 52 for me to sign, I will sign your entire run of 52. If there is a long line waiting for my signature, I may ask you to allow me to sign in batches. But if I wrote it, I will sign it.

And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to bring comics for me to sign, even if I am, ostensibly, promoting my newest novel.

You paid for the books, be they comics or novels. The very least I can do is put my signature to it at your request.

That is all.

Tara Chace returns in The Last Run

The Last Run

Today sees the return of Specials Ops agent Tara Chace in the latest Queen & Country novel by Greg Rucka, The Last Run. If you want to know more about the book, Greg, or Queen & Country in general you’ve come to the right place. Here are some useful Last Run-specific links:

The Last Run (It’s Called Timing, Friend, Timing…)

I love the fact that people are surprised to hear Hamid Karzai admitting he took bags of cash from the Iranian government.

Look at a fucking map, people. Seriously, just look at a fucking map. Where is Iran on that map? Where is Afghanistan?

Iran has expertly been influencing and shepherding events in the Middle East for the last twenty-plus years, aggressively so since the end of Gulf I. They’ve been working the angles in Iraq since the invasion; they’ve established a presence amongst the Kurds (due in no small part to put the Fear of Allah into Turkey); they’ve been pouring money into Lebanon; they provide materiel support and money to Hezbollah. Everyone’s looking at their nuclear capability, and yes, that’s legitimate, and they forget the conventional. Iran is a tank, and it’s rolling neatly all over the Middle East.

On a more personal, and somewhat darkly amused front, this coincides nicely with the release of The Last Run, which sees Tara heading to Iran. Once again, my timing is impeccable.

Yay, me.

So, yes, the new novel is on sale as of midnight tonight. It’s available at Amazon and B&N and oh so many other places online, and I would like it very much if you would buy a copy. And if you are looking to purchase a copy, and if you are, say, interested in getting it signed, even personalized, with a JH Williams III limited edition bookplate (details in this post, here!) included at no cost, might I make a suggestion? Amazon and B&N, they’re very nice, true, they make things easy…

…but you could contact, say, Murder by the Book in Portland, Oregon. Or Murder by the Book in Houston, Texas. Or the Seattle Mystery Bookshop. Or the Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles. Or The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale. You could email or call any of these fine independents, and when I am there, I will happily sign a book or three for you, and yes, I will have bookplates with me, and yes, they will be included.

I would, frankly, much prefer if you did this. These are only a handful of the terrific mystery bookstores out there, just the ones that I will be visiting on this abbreviated tour. But if you were to buy from them, not only are you supporting the independents, you also won’t have to wait for me to get around to mailing you a bookplate separately. It’s win-win. The staff at each and every of these stores are terrific – they will take down your precise requests, exactly how you want the book inscribed. We’re talking personal service here!

So please, if you’ve yet to buy a copy, consider buying from one of these wonderful establishments. As much as your willingness to read what I write, their efforts make my continuing work possible.

Your chance to interrogate Greg

John Siuntres, host of the podcast Word Balloon, has put out an open call for interview questions:

Late Tonight, I will be talking to Greg Rucka for tomorrow’s Word Balloon Podcast. Tuesday, Greg’s latest Queen And Country novel, The Last Run hits the streets, and Greg and I want to give the iFanboy community a chance to ask Greg some questions.

See the post at iFanboy for more.


Quick post! Zipped down to SF for Bouchercon 2010, met the new faces I’m working with at Mulholland Books, including my new editor. Got to catch up with a number of Very Awesome Folks, as well.

And the bonus? Won an award! WALKING DEAD was selected as the Best Novel in an Ongoing Series by the readers of Crimespree Magazine!

Yes, I am rather tickled, I admit.

I Am An Avenger

I Am An Avenger #2

Art by Greg Land

Art by Greg Land

October 2010

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Michael Lark & Stefano Gaudiano

The star-studded Avengers anthology continues as Greg Rucka makes his return to mighty Marvel with a tale of the star-spangled Avenger Steve Rogers! Honoring the fallen of the Siege of Asgard, the former Captain America will never let them be forgotten!

Greg adds signing date, plus a correction to previous listing

In addition to the previously mentioned book tour dates, Greg will also be signing at Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas, on November 10, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Also, we’ve recently corrected the address to Third Place Books in Seattle, where Greg will be appearing on October 29. Apologies for any confusion that may have been caused.

As always, for more information, see the appearances page.

Greg announces ALPHA at Mulholland

Greg Rucka’s ALPHA, the first in a series of thrillers of a “reverse Bourne Identity” scenario involving a former Delta Force operator who discovers that his allies are not who they appear to be, and are pursuing a dark agenda far different than his own, to John Schoenfelder at Mulholland Books, in a 3-book deal by David Hale Smith at DHS Literary, Inc. (World rights)

Last Run bookplates available

The Bookplate for The Last Run

By JH Williams III

A run of 1000 bookplates, drawn by Eisner-winning artist J.H. Williams III! Signed and numbered by Greg, printed on archival paper.

Send a copy of your receipt for The Last Run along with a SASE (Number 10 envelope, please!) to:

The Last Run
c/o Nervous Habit Productions
Box #703
1631 Broadway Portland, OR 97232