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Archive for July, 2010

See Greg at San Diego

The yearly carnival of comics and media known as the San Diego Comic-Con is upon us this weekend, and Greg has just sent the schedule of when he’ll be signing at the Oni Press booth:

2:30 – 3:50

11:30 – 12:50

1:00 – 2:20

11:30 – 12:50

Greg will also be discussing writing for lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transsexual characters on a Thursday evening panel:

6:00-7:00 Writing Queer: Creating and Writing LGBT Characters— Creating genuine and well-rounded LGBT characters is a challenge for writers, as they must give voice to a population whose stories have been kept hidden for so long. How do writers, both queer and straight, as well as mainstream and independent, create narratives that reflect the diversity and humanity of LGBT individuals, as well as the obstacles they face? Moderator Justin Hall (Glamazonia, Prism Comics’ talent chair) leads a spirited conversation with some of the best writers working in comics today: Paige Braddock (Jane’s World), Howard Cruse (Stuck Rubber Baby), Gilbert Hernandez (Love and Rockets), Greg Rucka (Detective Comics), Gail Simone (Wonder Woman), and Judd Winick (Pedro and Me). Room 32AB

For more information, see our appearances page.

Greg pens story for “I Am an Avenger”

Tom Brevoort spills the beans at this week’s Cup O’ Joe at Comic Book Resources:

The specific anthology that Greg is writing a story for is “I Am An Avenger,” and on that project the remit is that in some way, shape or form the story needs to reflect on or relate to the notion of what being an Avenger is all about. What makes one an Avenger? What qualifies one to be an Avenger? In the case of Greg, he spoke to Steve Wacker as he often does, and there was a moment towards the end of “Siege” that Greg felt deserved a little more examination and a little more consequence, and so he’s going to tell that story in this particular issue of “I Am An Avenger.” I read the script just this morning, it’s great. He found a very specific moment and action to explore, and built it into a very personal story that’s about Steve Rogers. That’s a great place to bring in someone like Greg, who hasn’t played on this side of the aisle for a while, and put him in a position where he’s telling a story that means something to him. He can do what he does best and what he wants to do and get his feet wet in our waters again. Hopefully that leads to more work down the line.

Batwoman: Elegy hits best-seller list

Batwoman: Elegy

Art by JH Williams

The collected hardcover of Greg and JH Williams’ Detective Comics run featuring Batwoman debuted at number two on the New York Times “Hardcover Graphic Books” best-seller list!