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Archive for September, 2009

DC deals double Detective previews

Art by JH Williams III

Art by JH Williams III

Detective Comics #857 is out today, and DC’s The Source has some enticing previews of both a confrontation between Kate and Alice in the Batwoman story, and some investigative work by Renee in the Question co-feature!

Greg rides the interview merry-go-round at the Electric Playground

Art by Mike Mignola

Art by Mike Mignola

Greg talks about Whiteout, crime novels, and superheroes with the folks @ Electric Playground: “At the end of the day, I love stories about people being despicable to each other.”

Greg gets caught Between the Panels

The folks at Between the Panels have just posted their latest podcast, wherein they interview Greg on Whiteout (both book and film), and his recent work on Action and Detective!

Hunt is on for Reactron, Capt. Atom

Art by Pere Pérez

Art by Pere Pérez

DC’s The Source has new preview pages up for Action Comics #881, out this Wednesday!

We always like to start the week with something big and exciting, and this Monday is no exception. Last week, we teased “The Hunt for Reactron,” the four-part crossover between ACTION COMICS and SUPERGIRL, co-written by SUPERGIRL writer Sterling Gates and ACTION COMICS scribe Greg Rucka. Well, not-so-coincidentally, we have a few pages from the first issue, ACTION COMICS #881.

Whiteout goes nationwide today

Whiteout Page 2

Whiteout Page 2

Whiteout is currently playing on theater screens in your hometown! Perhaps you’re a movie buff who’s arrived to find out more information about the graphic novel that inspired the movie? Find out more information on our Whiteout page!

Ah, but what if you’ve read the book, seen the movie and still want to know more? Perhaps you might be interested with some recent interviews with Greg? For instance, this podcast at Around Comics, or this interview at Artist Direct?

And if you’re over this Whiteout business? Michael Siglain has some new Detective Comics pages from JH Williams III @ The Source.

Greg and Steve Lieber walk the white carpet at Whiteout premiere

Greg attended the Whiteout premiere last night at Mann Village Theater, and though the presence of Kate Beckinsale inevitably pushes them beneath the fold in the showbiz tabloids, the press still managed to snap a picture of “Tinseltown” Greg and “Hollywood” Steve Lieber:

Greg and Steve Lieber at Whiteout premiere

Photo by Albert L. Ortega

Whiteout hits theaters across the nation this Friday, and tickets are already on sale through online ticket sites.

MSN Movies talks to Greg and Steve Lieber about Whiteout

Cover by Frank Miller

Cover by Frank Miller

…And they send a quality interviewer in Greg’s sometime collaborator Eric Trautmann. Check it out at the Parallel Universe site.

Trautmann skips over the usual questions and gets to some interesting tidbits, like the secret origin of Carrie Stetko:

You’re noted for strong female protagonists: Renée Montoya in “Gotham Central” and now “The Question”; Tara Chace from your “Queen & Country” novels and comics. But you struck early with Carrie Stetko, the tough, driven federal marshal protagonist of “Whiteout.” Where did that come from?

The irony with Carrie is that … she was actually a character that first came to life in a one-act play I wrote in grad school, and she was one of three characters in that play, and she was a federal Marshal in that, as well.

And then, when Jen [Van Meter, accomplished writer and Greg's wife] started at the University of Oregon in Eugene, in the English department, there was a guy there named Mike Arnzen, a horror writer. He’s teaching on the East Coast now, but he was there getting his degree.

Mike had just published his first novel, and it had won the Bram Stoker Award. It was called “Grave Marking,” I think. And he and I would meet at this coffee shop near the campus, and we started doing a jam novel. He would write a chapter, then I would write a chapter, and so on. His chapters were, you know, “mad serial killer” and mine were “put upon cop” and I dusted off Carrie for that. So, she actually had two iterations before I dropped her in Antarctica.

If that weren’t enough, Trautmann took parts of his Skype interview with Greg and has made them available in podcast/MP3 format on his website.

Whiteout official film site expands

Art by Steve Lieber

Art by Steve Lieber

Warner Bros. has been adding more content to their website for Whiteout, along with an increased number of trailers and television spots. The site now features downloads, stills, cast/crew bios, and links to contests around the web where you can win Whiteout survival packages.

If you haven’t yet read Whiteout, or its Eisner-award-winning sequel, Whiteout: Melt, you’ve got a little over three days left. And, with artist Steve Lieber offering the first issue for free via his website, you’ve got a bit of a headstart.

More interviews with Greg are popping up, at, and