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Archive for June, 2009

Cully Hamner Q? Wallpaper

Greg writes:

Talked to Cully this morning, and mentioned wanting to put up a Q wallpaper. Get to the hotel tonight, and lo and behold, he’s emailed this.

Because Cully rocks.

The Question Wallpaper by Cully Hamner

The Question Wallpaper by Cully Hamner

Detective Comics #854 out today…

Art by JH Williams III

Art by JH Williams III

…And we’ve got some links to share with you!

ITEM: Greg is interviewed by The Advocate on the subject of the forthcoming Detective series, Batwoman, and Renee:

Katherine “Kate” Kane — the buxom billionaire heiress by day and sexy crime fighter Batwoman by night — is back, returning to comic books with her own series in Detective Comics #854. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard by now, she’s also a lesbian. “She’s out and proud,” says the comic’s writer Greg Rucka. “The only thing she has to hide is what she’s doing at night in costume.”

ITEM: Previews of Detective covers and a page from the Question back-up are up at DC’s The Source.

ITEM: Previews of Detective interiors are available at Comic Book Resources.

ITEM: Death Ray Weekly has a timely interview with Greg about Detective, The Question, Action Comics, Whiteout and more!

ITEM: Detective co-feature artist Cully Hamner shows off the style of his take on the Question.

Art by Cully Hamner

Art by Cully Hamner

ITEM: Greg sits down with John Siuntres for another enthralling installment of Word Balloon’s Rucka Debrief.

ITEM: Because Greg likes you all, he made the following desktop wallpaper from high-quality JH Williams III artwork:

Art by JH Williams III & Dave Stewart

Art by JH Williams III & Dave Stewart

…And did we mention that Detective Comics #854 is out today? Visit your local comic book shop. Ask for it by name!

Greg talks Kate & Renee with IGN

Art by JH Williams III

Art by JH Williams III

IGN has a pretty in-depth interview with Greg about his upcoming work on Detective, touching on the history of the Batwoman character, the infamous New York Times article, the art of JH Williams III, Kate’s relationship with Renee, and much more!

Action 878 preview on MySpace

MySpace Comics has a preview of Action #878, due out this Wednesday. Here’s the solicitation copy:

Art by Fernando Dagnino and Raul Fernadez; Cover by Andrew Robinson

Nightwing and Flamebird, meet Nadira Va-Dim and Az-Rel, the Bonnie and Clyde of Krypton. They’ve got all of your powers, but absolutely none of your morals. Good luck!

Greg & JH Williams III hit Vegas

Alternate Reality Comics

The new Detective Comics team In a dual signing sponsored by Alternate Reality Comics and Comic Oasis. For more details, or to see if Greg is coming to your neck of the woods, check out the list of Greg’s upcoming appearances.